John 7:37-38

If any man thirst, let him come unto me and drink. He that believe on me, as the scripture has said, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water.


Water .. a word synonymous  pure, clean and whole.  Yet is so easily tainted, discolored and dirtied; easily made impure by thoughtless actions or unknowing mistakes.

Like our spirit is remade in Christ’s image at the new birth, and our souls become cleansed through the washing of His Word. Water.. the eternal living water which flows through the sacrifice of Christ into the belly of the believer is the only pure uncontaminated source which quenches thirst. But.. we must come to the well to get it.

The belief in Christ sets us free and we are redeemed by the blood shed for the tainted sinner, dirtied from the ‘daily living’.  Dirtied by the knowing or unknowing sins of omission and commission which weigh heavily on our memory bank.

The Savior said that those who come to Him and drink will have rivers of living water flowing out of them; they will not thirst.

The amazing quality of water is that it defies all rational knowledge of how a property can and should act or react. Let’s look at some of the characteristics of water.

  • It is compromised of 2 elements, uniquely connected through one of the strongest bonds. 2 Hydrogen atoms and 1 Oxygen atom connected through Hydrogen bonding.
  • It exists in 3 states: gas, liquid and solid. This alone is a miracle.  Any other 2 elements with oxygen or hydrogen can not do this as water does by remaining a liquid or freezing at the temperatures which allow water to exist in these forms.
  • It is the universal solvent. With the exception of specific materials like oils which repel water molecules ( relative to its polarity), it dissolves almost anything  that is placed within its boundaries.
  • Water is the most abundant resource on the planet, necessary for all life, but in varied forms. Only a small percentage is actually ‘drinkable’ yet the Creator saw fit to establish a cleaning system, ‘a purifying system’, through the water cycle which recycles the water over and over making it fit to consume for humans and animals.

Water is a miracle substance and I have been pondering why He used this illustration.   It is no accident that water exists as it does, to fill a purpose. It is no accident that we can see the significance of water. As I consider what scripture says, I think about the way the state of water relates to other things…

God is a triune being, Father… Son.. and Holy Spirit, from whom flowsthe Living Water. He spoke all that we see into being as listed in Genesis 1. In the beginning God created the Heaven and the Earth. ~ Genesis 1:1.  We, who are made for God, also have 3 parts : spirit, soul and body.

At the time of Christ’s death on the Cross, the soldier pierced his side and out of Him flowed blood and water.( read John 19:28-37) The medical  and physical significance points to the nature of how he died and the relevancy to scripture. The spiritual significance, I wonder, may also illustrate how the giving of His life draws us up and out and sets us on solid ground, clean… whole…forgiven…redeemed. Jesus was the word made flesh. (John 1)

As we wash the day’s work off our hands, faces, selves; so must we come to the Living Truth ~ The Christ~ the Redeemer~ Jesus ~ to receive the cleansing our souls need for restoration. Through the washing of the Word of God and  because of  His sacrifice ~ we are the redeemed;  therefore shining as no earthly cleansing could produce.

I encourage you to Dive DEEP into the well of grace. 

Swim beneath the tides~

Bathe and bask in the glorious liquid of love~

Break through the surface and

Inhale the sweet scent of His presence.

Put on garments fit for royalty~

Garments of praise, thanksgiving and holiness.

Worship in spirit and in truth~

Seek to Know Him.

When you are filled, 

spill forward.

Flow into the heartbeat of another,

the refreshing drink of life which you have found

offered at the well of Eternal Grace.