There is a place where faith must assume command in our lives as we journey forward in life.  This concept has been profoundly more clear to me in the last year as I have pondered the path I am meant to walk.


Each choice weighs heavily as I consider the direction a step would propel me. Down one road swiftly descending the winding path, takes me further from the other path which not only appeals but beckons my heart to traverse.


Yet, it isn’t about the path, its view, or even its destination which has been the question. It is whether I am following His dreams versus my own. Whose dreams do I hear when I am lost in thought, my own or the beating of His strong heart?  The dreams can conflict, they can collide, they can intersect, but the purpose of my days needs to be fixed upon the constant gaze of the One who calls my heart to His hope.


Faith rising up within us demands our attentiveness to be focused securely on the One to which Faith is attributed. Romans 10:17, the very first verse I memorized in scripture, reminds us Faith can only come through constant study of the Word of God.


“Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God.”.


Faith is the essence of the Christian life. It is the substance of all that we hope for, and evidence of what we see. ( Hebrews 11:1) Without it, faith, it is impossible to please God. ( Hebrews 11:6)


Faith is the unseen force which guides us on, and propels us to believe, hope, pray, and seek.  Faith  is the unbroken thread which ties us to the throne of Grace.


Faith can be the size of a mustard seed and still be enough to move mountains. ( Matthew 17:20) And we can be real enough to ask Him to strengthen, even increase, our faith… to help us in our unbelief.


Yet, when does the truth of  faith penetrate our reality?


When do we fail in our faithfulness.. and it is us who fail in this area,  because God is  not unfaithful.. He is not like man in His stature; he does not change, but is the true meaning of constant.  It is His faithfulness, His constancy, His grace in the Loving that draws the broken to the seat of redemption. It is  here, in this aura of light dispersed beauty that Faith finds its roots and dives down into the parched soul filling and feeding with heavens nutrient rich life-giving water.


Faith seeds are planted when the living Word of God reaches into the cracks of our hearts and settle. Faith sprouts up, in fervent expectation of watering and life-light shining upon the hardened covering protecting the germinated seedling encrypted with promise and hope. There is an expectation for harvest when the seeds are sealed with heaven’s bountiful promise. This seed, His Word, will not return to Him void of fruit but will fulfill all that it was intended to do. ( Is. 55:11)  There will be a harvest because of the plenty already hidden within its construction.



Dig deep in the depths of this masterpiece, looking for the heart of the Master’s plan… His plan for YOU. Rest in the beauty of His love-letter dictated just for you.  Allow the Words to become the medicine your aching spirit is yearning for and watch as Faith rises and blooms.  The fruit is the glory of the Holy One’s dedication to sow the richness of heaven’s storehouses, the abundance of His Love.


I’d love to pray for you. Add a comment to this post or send a prayer request. Know that I am joining you in faith-filled prayers.

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