In each of the four gospels we can read the mercy story. The account of Jesus’ sacrifice for both you and me as he willingly poured out his blood to offer redemption to the lost He came to save.  Matthew, Mark, Luke and John share a retelling, each uniquely different in the recounting, yet wholly revealing His full intent. To bring me to himself.


It is overwhelming to me to think of what He endured for my sins.  Romans 3:23 tells us that no one has fallen short of sin. We are all guilty and deserve the death He took in our place. Not only did he receive a death sentence but he endured the pain, humiliation and torture of being beaten, flogged as the Word declares; a way of ‘teaching a lesson’ to the archaic eyes of the day.


As I read these words to my children this morning after we broke our fast, I was moved, as always, with the depth of his pain. Usually, for me, trying to surmise the intensity of the horrible nature of his wounds. In fact, if you have ever seen the movie ” The Passion of Christ’ you would see how barbaric the  sentence was  which was handed down.  I don’t think it can adequately be portrayed because the Word tells us that his features were marred to such an extent that He was unrecognizable. ( Is 52:14)


As I pondered this today, in my comings and goings, I began to think of the blood poured out in his prayer at Gethsemane, ( Luke 22:44) the agony which he must have felt and I wondered…. at what part was his agony and travailing more about His separation from the Father than any punishment man could perform.


Psalm 118:6 says, ” The Lord is on my side; I will not fear: what can man do to me?”


He knew… He knew.. He knew. By his choice to willingly go to the Cross, he knew that His  acceptance of the sins that must be placed upon him would break the relationship which tethered Him to the Father. He still chose to yield to the will of the Father.


I am drawn to the omniscient sovereign nature of God. Time is of no consequence to him.  History is not linear for God, He knows our end from our beginning. He  declared in Genesis that the redemption was already set in motion(Genesis 3:15). Christ was with God in the beginning (John 1:1). He set aside the  Crown of Glory to take the humility of a baby as he became a human, set to redeem humanity and restore our relationship to the Father.

He has provided the way.

Mercy and Truth meet at the Cross ps 85

Wherever we look, the Cross reflects the  Truth. Mercy flows in rivers. Righteousness was provided for. Peace was attained.

There are four   attributes which answer the judgment cry: Mercy, Truth, Righteousness, and Peace.   These attributes were lost in the Fall  and met in Christ, but they are brought to full redemption on the Cross.

Mercy and Truth meet at the Cross; Righteousness and Peace are sealed with a kiss. Redemption is bound in blood red love, we are eternally drawn to the power of the Cross.(Psalm 85:10)  Kneeling low, receiving the crown of glory as we surrender our lives in totality to the One who crossed the chasm just for you.

In the sacred place of exposed grace we walk in fullness and light.  Through the power of the miracle of the cross we see mercy and truth meet, the result is an explosion of Love.

He bore the burden of  my sin and paid the price that was required,  all because of Love.


My prayer for you today is that you know the  joy of receiving His grace.  All who seek Him, in Truth, will find Him. He will not turn away one who comes to him in humility,  walking the Calvary road.  Receive what He offers and let love flow through you bringing the peace that his purchase provides.
Look to the Cross where Love bleeds Red,
Mercy and Truth meet together,
While Righteousness and peace Kiss.

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