The voice of hope rings deep and clear as it resonates with the sound of mercy’s perspective.  The pervasive reality of God’s Word rings loudly, drowning out the decibels of the world’s anthem.   This expectancy allows me to hang on in the moments of hurting, waiting for the healing waves to crash upon my soul.  It is a gift from the One who spares no good thing.

HOPE~  a small offering with great potential. Just like the mustard seed, it can grow into something large and magnificent.

potential blueprint



There are days when I find myself stuck in the temporary rather than the eternal.  I have allowed the light affliction to trip my steps and exchange glory for the trappings of this world’s bounty. (2 Cor 4:18) When I turn from the Calvary Road, I tend to  lose my perception of reality.

Have you ever taken that turn? You know… the one that leads to self-pity, the what-ifs, the I don’t haves, and the bitterness.  It is a road that is steeped in unfair thoughts, unforgiving accusations, and unloving actions.  Sometimes I can find myself visiting that  exit and it is oh-so-easy to turn onto this well-traveled road rather than stay the course on the narrow road of truth.

The problem is that we are never meant for this road; and when we take a pilgrimage to this vacant destination, we are often bound to be worse than when we started.  One of the grave oversights of living in the land of regret or discontent is missing our true calling to share God’s love with others.

We are failing to fulfill the  Great Commission by only receiving a smattering of the Hope that lies within us and not reproducing it in our life towards others. When we  get our eyes off the circumstances which cause us to hurt,  we begin to refocus the lens of our vision into a clearer more distinct picture, but it is not a natural tendency for this human heart to do. I have to work hard at it. I have to get real. I have to confess that I need Him more and more with each passing day.



blurry lenses of life  potentialb



The concept of pouring of yourself out for others and bearing  your Cross daily is a foreign concept. It seems backwards right? Why give till you are empty? Why praise when you are broken? Why lose it all and keep on giving? What is this act of gospel living to a world which is so used to self promotion and the prospect of opportunity always looming on the horizon?

We applaud the fairy tale, chase the calendar, worship the fake, and lose ourselves anyway.. for what? Nothing, really. Nothing in this world will every truly fill us.  But.. thankfully we don’t have to stay there.

In Christ there is no such thing as lack. All we see is temporal, but what he sees is eternal.

The good thing, is that we are never meant for this road of lack and loss, we are meant for Glory! The trivial problems which plague our days are working out in our life a more eternal and exceptional covering.( 2 Cor 4:17)


potential c 1 cor13 12


Receptivity is not hard. We are often in a position of receiving something. There is no end to the number of  ways we can  fill our spiritual tanks: food, people, fame, praise, achievement, money, material goods, exercise, etc.   Not to mention, the copious agendas which deplete our sustenance in one way or another.  However,we have to choose to fill our reservoirs with that good and wise thing. Like Mary did as she sat at the feet of Jesus. We have to choose a life that is full of promise and embrace a life of thankfulness.  Choose to rejoice, even in the hard-times knowing that they are only temporal.

The secret is in the rejoicing.. in the receiving of His light and His living, His dying and His giving.  We have that same spirit of faith, knowing that we can speak those truths and He will restore unto us that faith and hope that redounds to the glory of God. ( 2 Cor 4: 13-14) It is all for His Glory.  When I look at it from that perspective, the seed of hope is planted.  Because of the master plan, already hidden within the blueprint of that seed, I know the outcome will be glorious.


Be encouraged as you walk this road to Glory; it is leading you to hope’s beautiful revelation. In your changed perspective,you will begin to see through glass which is tinted by mercy’s luminescent touch.    Our eyes will take in the scenery which  would never grow along the road of complacency, but blooms in abundance as we journey through the gates of grace.


For now we are looking in a mirror that gives only a dim(blurred) reflection {of reality}, but then [ when perfection comes] we shall see in reality and face to face! Now I know in part(imperfectly), but then I shall know and understand fully and clearly, even in the same manner as I have been fully and clearly known and understood {by God}. 

1 Cor 13:12 (Amp)

There are days when it feels perhaps your heart is breaking, or your are bearing the Cross on your own. Look to the Lord, always, praying without ceasing ( 1 Thes 5:17) and trust that you are not alone.  There may be reasons for the pain or heartache, and answers in this life may not come. However, we are promised strength to endure, wisdom to live by, faith to sustain, and hope to guide.

My prayer for you today is that you know that peace that passes all understanding in these  days of trial;  courage when you are afraid; wisdom  in times of uncertainty; grace in times of doubt; love at all times.  May you truly know the Glorious Potential that lies deep in the blueprint of God’s plan for your life! I am learning, and I hope you will join me on this journey, that who He says we are is the only defining characteristic  we need to rely upon.

May you find hope and encouragement hidden in His Word for you. It is full of many good and precious promises.

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