stand at the crossroads and walk in the good way    Jer 6 16




“This is what the Lord says, stand at the Crossroads and look; ask for the ancient paths,  ask where the good way is, and walk in it, and you will find rest for your soul.” ~ Jeremiah 6:16



Today is a day to be full of resting, reflecting, remembering, and returning.  It is a day  where my heart is instinctively drawn to the well of life in order to quench the thirsting of my soul the living of life dehydrates. The journey to the benches where we  bow the head and bare the heart  to partake of the holy-medicine of fellowship and discipling is the balm my heart has required.  Thank the Lord for a day to praise and worship, but it should never be limited to one day. It should be a way of life, for we were all created to praise Him, continually.


I am blessed by the encouragement in His Word. No matter where I am, there is always a promise awaiting  my discovery; a new revelation of His Wisdom is illuminated with each sojourn I take.   Jeremiah chapter 6 vs 16 tells us to stop at the crossroads and to look at the path ahead. To stand and ask for wisdom and direction, and, then,to obey.   In that obedience, there is a resting for our soul.  A rest that is a reward. A promise that comes with a command.


Stand… Look… Ask… Walk…


Turn to His Word,  and find Hope.  Hope, abounding and overflowing, filling me with the remembrance of his amazing goodness in my life.  His promise is kindness to thousands of generations of those that love him. (Exodus 20)

When I stand unsure of my direction, thinking of the way I should go, His Word declares what I will hear in my ear, the ear of my heart, ‘this is the way walk in it’.( Isaiah 30:21)

Then there is the crossroads…..  the point on the path which we must make a decision. We need to see where we are by looking at what is surrounding us, carefully considering what is before us.   We can’t begin the journey without asking for direction, however. Not only must we see the path, ask the question, but willfully go.  The obedience is a requirement to  receive the rest which is promised.


At whatever point your life becomes the symbol of the cross, a place where you must stand by faith, remember that The Lord instructs us in our asking and in our going. He tells us that He is liberal with his wisdom. ( James 5:6)


When we ask, we are promised soul-peace, resting from the toil weary walking; but the rest is found only in the fellowship of his presence as my companion.  When we ask, we must walk as He directs.


Ask in Faith, like Abraham.

Wait in Hope, like the Bride.

Pray in the Spirit, like Paul.

Stand at the Crossroads. Look closely at the path ahead. Ask the Lord which direction you should go, and listen for His voice.  Obey and Go… in faith and hope, praying at all times.  Then REST in His sweet embrace.

Have you ever been at the Crossroads in your life? 

Were you able to hear His voice directing  your path?

Remember today that God’s goodness is always an assurance we can rely upon. Be blessed and be encouraged that you are not alone. Please share any prayer requests with me in the comment section or email me at


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