Awe Inspiring Creator psalm 46 10



Recently as I have been pondering  and praying through my days I have been brought to a place of humbled awe before my Creator.  His hand, in tender and controlled leading, has taken a hold of my own and led me on into places of reverential and silent praise.


There is a gift, hidden in the storehouse of an intimate relationship, where silence is a language of understood acceptance.  As we walk along those ancient traveled paths that require us to turn to the Holy for the direction which our steps must proceed, this attitude and position of muted adoration is a sanctuary of healing.   Anointed by the sanctified praise only silent hearts before the Heavenly Father can achieve.


To be truly silent, however, I have found is when I am in consistent state of surrender.  A releasing of my will, my words, my way…. which opens the very door that I long to walk through. The door to His grace and mercy. The door to His heart.


Then I surrender my will, again and again, until finally I am fully aware that each second is slipping by immersed in the comfort of rest. I can choose the gift of rest, a good and definite blessing in the sight of God.   Enlightened by Truth’s voice calling unto me, I chose the act of bowing low to be clothed in the garment and cloak of my King.

Dutifully  reverently   worshiping  his majestic splendor.

The awed silence before our Amazing Creator, our most benevolent and Holy God, our most Loving Father, bespeaks of His place above our position below.

I approach the throne… seeking grace and mercy without words.

He sees me in the radiant hues of crimson.



Come to grace

The  entrance we have before the righteous Judge, is flowing red crimson fire, seeping over my being, bathing me in the glorious anointing of Grace’s gift of mercy.   A gift I certainly don’t deserve.

No word can compare, nor has ever been uttered, which can express the majesty of this moment where I can kneel before the Almighty.

He is profoundly, most assuredly, the Wonder of Wonders, Joy of My Heart, Recipient of My praise, ~ Object of my Desire~,  the only true reason for reverential silence ; ministering to the the inward stillness of  God upon my soul.

Let be and be still, and know( recognize and understand) that I am God. I will be exalted among the nations! I will be exalted in the earth!

Psalm 46:10(Amp)

Today my prayer resounds for those who are drawn to the place of awe-inspired silence before the King.
May your hearts be enfolded in the love of eternal hope as you relinquish those things which keep you back
from the beauty of the intimate communion with the Heavenly Father.  May the joy of the Holy overtake
your heart, and may you find yourself immersed in the glory of His light. May a new awareness 
of  Grace be a gift of revelation and a token of his promises for those  who are
seeking Him in faith, worshiping in spirit and in truth.
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