Rhythm of Praise Psalm 45 1

Years ago when I was relatively new in my faith I found my heart quite heavy.  A very precious friend who knew Truth invested the wisdom of her life in my heart.  She taught me to seek the promises of God as special treasure, a gift of great worth whose value no one could place a price tag upon.   One of my favorite lessons was based on a journaling technique she encouraged me to employ.  It this process which began the habit of writing which has carried  me through the storms and trials which life frequently brings our way.

There is no question that God’s word, which is alive and powerful… full of LIFE and POWER…( Heb 4:12), can change each and every circumstance in our lives.  As I listened to the counsel of one who had been with the Lord on a regular basis, it became clear that she applied this life-giving, power-filled medicine to the scrapes and cuts which often wounded her daily living.

You see, as believers we have to be authentic in our faith. We have to be able to walk the walk and talk the talk.  We have to mirror in our lives the counsel that we are giving to others. If we don’t, then we are the hypocrite and everyone can see us coming long before we utter a word out of our mouths.

She was authentically living every encouragement and morsel of guidance she offered up to me. It was enough for me to trust her  to lead me down a path that journeyed towards healing.

When you find your life in shambles, or your heart is breaking and leaving you desperate.  You need the Rx of Life, taken daily, as often as possible, to help you recuperate and restore.

The Rx of Life is simple.  For one month read 1 Proverb and 5 Psalms each day.   Do the Math with me… 3o Proverbs and 150 Psalms divided by 30 give us our prescription.   At the end of your time of reading each day, simply write out  the thoughts, ideas, or questions that you may have looming around in your head and heart.  It is imperative that you willfully try to keep the commitment to read each day and then attempt to write out of your heart the promises the Lord has placed within the beat of your heart through your time in His Word. At the end of the month, you will  have your own Psalm or Proverb to show for this purpose filled study.

I have found myself reverting back to this practice repeatedly during the year, devoting 1 or 2 months at a time to really study one book of the Bible, or even one chapter of a specific book.  After my time of study, I write into whatever journal I have chosen for this project. ( I admit it. I am addicted to journals. I love to shop for them and often categorize them by subject or topic.)In them,  I write anything the Lord has placed upon my heart, whether it is a scripture, or a prayer, or a poem, or  whatever… there is NO WRONG way to Journal!

 Collecting these thoughts have been the basis for many of the posts on this blog over the years.  When I learn a new facet of His grace and mercy,I long to share it with those who have been journeying toward grace with me.  My hope is that you will be blessed by the thoughts that are shared  here and encouraged to draw closer to the Lord as you spend time rooted and grounded in His Word.

So, will  you journey with me?   I am setting the month of February aside to study the book of Psalms and writing songs of praise to my King.   One of my favorite verses comes from  Psalm 45:1. I love the vision that appears as I read it.  May my tongue and my pen be always ready to speak and write in a way that brings glory to God and touches hearts for His purpose.

MY HEART is inditing a good matter;

I speak of the things which I have made touching the king:

my tongue is a pen of a ready writer.

Though I have traveled a what feels like a lifetime from that conversation so long ago,  when I wanted to absolutely throw in the towel, I have learned a valuable practice. The storms won’t completely cease  coming my way, but I know that I have not  endured a single experience totally on my own.  When I, like those early followers, seek out the Prince of Peace, he calms the whirlwinds with the Words of Life which preserve my life and still the waves.  ( Matthew 8:23-27)

As I commit to reading His Word every day and begin the process of writing down the song He is placing in my heart, I know there is a crafting taking place, the drafting of a song of praise and adoration meant just for my King.  In this act of reverence, a layer of healing smooths the creases in my heart to a refined reflection of Mercy’s Pen.

What is your favorite devotional habit? Please share in the comment section below. 

Please join me as I journey through Psalms this month. Each Monday or Tuesday I will share some of my journey with you.   I look forward to hearing   rhythms of praise placed uniquely by the Holy Spirit within the heart of each of you.

Sunday in Church as we spent our hearts in worship I was completely captivated by a Hymn written by Stuart Townend  called, How Deep the Father’s Love for Us.  I encourage you to listen to it here.

Many Blessings and Grace as you rest IN Him,

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