This is a first for me, participating in a prompt to write for five minutes with no editing, but I have been so blessed by the things I have read from other gifted writers that I wanted to give it a try. I pray you will bare with me today, and hopefully be encouraged.


The topic is  GARDEN~



garden of healing


The first thought that comes to mind is that it  is the beginning of it all, right.  I meant Genesis, the start of our origin begins in a garden. In the beginning GOD…  ( Gen 1:1).  In the beginning with His Words, He created all that there is to see. He started with Light and Darkness, separating them, providing a distinction to the two, and calling both good.


In the GARDEN He masterfully wove the landscape of time into the beauty of his artist eye. His sovereignty welding together with his majesty to set an example of the entire process of life and the symbiosis of a garden with its gardener.

The GARDEN is a visual reminder of the blessing of the season.  I love spending time planning and preparing for my garden, yet if I am not on top of it I miss the valuable time that gardening can rely on.  A dear friend, so faithful to the process of sowing , reaping and harvesting reminds me to order my seed catalogs in January.  Oops! I missed that deadline this year.  Well… a lot of years I miss that deadline.   But I think secretely she must have had some sent to me because there in my mailbox in the snowy burying of January one arrived in my mailbox.  It was laden with the promise of a harvest and a suggestion that I too could partake in the beauty of the process.


And though I may not always meet the deadline, and though I may not always plan the pefect plan, the GARDEN is a place of hope for me.  A place of healing and rest.  In the diligent working that a GARDEN may require, the pruning of my spirit is sharpened. It is not just a place of pulling weeds from the dirt, but a place of stripping the sin and the weights which easily pull me down.  Gravity doesn’t always have the strongest force, though its universality affects us all, it is more those lead burdens which we fail to give up that drag and pull on our fragile hearts.

Often, the garden is my prayer closet, though.  Predominately this is where I am blessed with His rest. It is here while my hands are busy that my mind is at rest and I can simply be in His presence.  In this place of anticipation  of the seed opening up and pouring forth the plans already encoded in its shell that I can rejoice in that blessed moment where all Creation heard the words, “It Is Good!”.


The last thought today is of my precious Grandma who left the temporal waltzing into the eternal only a short time ago.  That day with just a few moments alone together, I sang one of her  favorites to her , He Walks with Me.  The garden will never be the same to me, it will conjure up memories and hopes of meeting her once again in the heaven’s holy horticulture  and smelling the scent of the Savior’s Love.




Five Minute Friday


So, I did it.. I journaled for 5 minutes flat. No editing or going back. I hope you won’t hold that against me. I think I could have gone on and on with this topic, but here we go.  I confess it took me more than five minutes to add the picture and the song link, but I put myself on a timer while the words were flowing.   🙂

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