Cast Your Nets into  The Deep


We were never intended to scramble for the blessing, but instead, the hope of heaven intended more.  The wealth of the Blesser goes far deeper than our understanding allows us to see, yet even our ignorant display of unbelief never restrains the hand of Love.  In wisdom, a gift is beheld and then bestowed upon those whose hearts are either longing or grumbling.  The giver does not hold back; he can’t withhold the gift.  There is an eternal purpose… a destiny… which has already been sealed.(Eph 1:13) It has already been delivered, only waiting to be opened.


Your destiny is sealed in abundance.


From the beginning, the fullness of FAITH is manifested in the promised hope of heaven. At the command of the HOLY, all creation must obey.  Those left, the doubting crown of glory, are stumbling and tripping to catch up.  Yet, his infinite grace is always watching, knowing the arrival and rejoicing over His beloved with joyful singing and exuberant praise.


The Lord thy God in the midst of thee is mighty; he will save, he will rejoice over thee with joy; he will rest in his over, he will joy over thee with singing.

Zephaniah 3:17


He has cast his net of faith upon the waters of my voyage knowing there will be abundant overflow of blessing when I obey. Even when I grumble, the blessing comes.  Unbelief robs the ability to fully savor the gift, yet grace drives out the shame and folly to make room for the gratitude.


Have faith in the act of obedience and consider the possibility there is a shocking reward awaiting.


Luke 5 reveals the calling of those who would follow Christ in His earthly ministry. He instructed them to cast their nets into the Lake of Gennesaret, after a day of fishing with no return. When you read through it pay attention to the fact that the men grumbled when they obeyed.   Even so, their haul was so large that the nets they used broke and they had to call for help.  I can imagine the smile on the face of the Savior as he watched their unbelief change to shock at the fullness of His gift.


Launch into the deep….. expect abundance.


He tells us to launch our nets out into the  deep and lower them for the abundant haul we are meant to take in. ( Luke 5:4) It is Simon’s response that I want to make sure you see though.  He was astonished. He was amazed. His unbelief was shattered. He made a choice that altered his life. And even though it was not done with joy, it was done in obedience to an authority that his heart recognized.


Luke 5:9, 11 :  For he( Simon) was astonished (gripped with bewildering amazement allied to terror) at the amount of fish that was taken in.   And after they had brought their ships upon the shore, they forsook all ( leaving everything) and followed him.


As His disciples we must be ready to forsake everything to follow him, even those things you think you must hold tightly to. The leaks and the cracks that are sinking your boat are not the plan.  The time is always right to jump out of the boat of unbelief and into the ocean of faith.

Unbelief may not always hinder the planned blessing, because God’s plans will be fulfilled despite our own faith, but it robs our joy and restricts us from receiving, as we should, the bounty that is right within our immediate reach.  Listen, be attentive to the Word. Infact, Proverbs says be both doers and hearers of the Word.


Follow Him as He leads you so that you can be full, so full that your nets break and your boats sink.


I want to encourage you that there is abundance when we obey,  and there is still abundance when we make a mistake. The ocean of His grace is so wide that we can never fully reach the borders of its beginning or end. This is the promise we have In Christ’s love; abundant Grace which is both overflowing and unyielding.

Don’t let the lack of believing you don’t deserve the blessing keep you back from the hand of the Blesser. He is calling you, actually singing over you with joy. He has placed within your realm of influence laborers who are skillfully arranged to minister to your heart, if you only open your eyes to see.


Don’t let a hurt keep you from the blessing, more importantly the ONE who gives the blessing.


Maybe you are feeling the sting of lack because of a hurtful word or an unkind deed. Maybe you are afraid to follow because unforgiveness and bitterness have taken root in your heart. Perhaps you have never heard the affirmation that you are worth the effort to be both  met and embraced with joy.   And if you are the hurting, the broken, and the lost… let me assure you of this truth,  you are never too far from the love of God. Because you cannot escape the power of grace, you can always have hope. He is ever watching, always planning, and continually meeting the needs of His those he loves because that is the nature of who He is.  A holy loving Heavenly Father, looking to restore to his heart those whose hearts are seeking His gift.


Can I encourage you today to cast your net overboard and expect an abundant haul, which may just break the nets and sink your boat?  Sometimes we need our boats to sink, so that we get our eyes off of our empty nets and focused on the source of our blessing. Sometimes we need to try one more time. Sometimes we need to abandon the facts and latch onto the truth;  God is for you, He is NOT against you and His plan is to bring prosperity into your life. ( Jeremiah 29:11)


Are you ready to bring in the haul of blessing?

Are you ready to cast away your unbelief and latch on to the hope?

Do not, therefore, fling away your fearless confidence, for it carries a great and glorious compensation of reward.

Hebrews 10:35 ( amp)- 



Praying for fearless faith in the sea of grace and that your nets would bring in a haul your boats can’t contain!



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