It is FMF Five Minute Friday at Lisa Jo’s and I am linking up with her and other writers honing a craft that draws on the beauty of words and how they run together.  This morning I am writing for 5 minutes on the topic Lisa picks for the participating throng of eager wordsmiths.  The prompt is WRITER, and I am challenged to consider what it means.  Here goes:






pen of a writer

Psalm 45:1 ~  My heart is inditing( overflows with) a good matter: I speak of the things which I have made touching the king: my tongue is the pen of a ready writer.

I love to think about the connotation of the verse above.  When I think about the words I write, I long for them to be of a source of glory to the Lord.  Years ago, I told my mom.. “One day, I am going to write for Jesus.” And that was it.  My full purpose in writing was completely bound in the prospect of doing it for the Lord.


I never started out wanting to be a WRITER. I think initially, I wanted to be a nurse.  So many little girls want to be a nurse. I think. At least when I was, I did. My own girls did. And well,  Ok.. maybe Princess filtered in there once or twice but my idea of princess and the world’s idea were 2 different things.   So, I pursued the books about Clara Barton and Florence Nightingale and I volunteered as a Candy Striper, which I loved till the day I saw someone having a seizure  in the hallway and a stroke in their room; ironic how years later that  word, seizure, would dominate my world.

Then High School came on the scene and my thoughts were diverted once again. I was told that my proficiency was in organization and detail ( Ha!) and math, (yes), and that since my strengths lay in that realm I should become a business /math major.  And so I did.  I didn’t read all the good books or take the writing classes in high school or college. (Oh.. note to readers.. I didn’t finish college either…  I decided to get married instead.)  One of perhaps my biggest regrets was not finishing college. But in hindsight, God’s plan was altogether better and I am going to tell you why.  Before I got married,  I worked in the business world, finance specifically. I enjoyed it, because I really like numbers, but it wasn’t my passion.  My college road was going towards an accounting degree because, again, I liked numbers and putting them in their right spaces.  But God KNEW BETTER.


He had a plan that involved a quiet and introspective husband, who encouraged me to be strong because he believed in me, and 3 amazing children, who God would one day lead me to educate here at home. That journey was quite the roller coaster, and certainly NOT planned. However, my education started the day I became a mother and the refining process came through my experience as a home educating momma.  I had to find all those ways to help my kiddos learn, and learn well. I didn’t want to let them down. Education was important.

Our oldest struggled in just about every area in life, except reading. She could read by 3, but because of her seizures she couldn’t hold a pencil, and because of her meds she couldn’t focus long enough to really sit through a writing lesson. Those were such hard years, but they forced me to become a woman on a mission. A mission to teach my child and to learn all I needed to.  I can’t remember some of the journey, it seems like a bit of haze, and it was only 13 years ago that we started it. However, what I do know is that I found my calling and I found my passion. Teaching and WORDS.


I was never meant to pursue the world of business; I don’t like it at all. Yet I love to work with words and put them together in their various syllabic patterns to cause one’s heart to stop and ponder. I want to use the words that are floating in my head, and sifting in my heart, in a way that will make you pause and think, maybe ask a question or two. Hopefully, they will bring you to see Truth… to see the hand of God in  your life and the lives of others.


I want to be a WRITER. I want to take His Words and show them to others. I long to use my words to bring hope and healing into the life of another pilgrim searching on this journey of life.

A WRITER is an artist who can maximize the wordplay of the poet and encourage the psalmist to sing. A WRITER reveals the heart of the soldier’s anguish and the passion of the kingly decree. A WRITER captures the innocence of a child’s smile and the wisdom of the aged’s sigh. A WRITER delivers the heart’s anthem in words that are understood and sung in the melody of life’s refrain. A WRITER breathes life into words so they maximize  beauty into the soul of the reader.  A WRITER creates hope.


….Times up!…. Five minutes of contemplating what being a writer really means.  I love this journey of processing thoughts with you.

What does the word WRITER mean to you?


                Praying for you to overflow with a good thoughts and that your pen would be ready to WRITE for the Glory of the King today !




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