I have prayed for you


I couldn’t let the day go by without sending you a note of encouragement. Something to remind you that you are important, that you matter, that you are valued beyond measure.

Sometimes we just need to know that someone has prayed for us. Sometimes we need to hear the promises whispered by another voice of confidence. Sometimes we only need that boost to get us through to the next step. And sometimes we truly need to feel the ebmrace of faith.


Today, I prayed for you.


You know exactly who you are. The one who feels lonely and needs to be reminded that you matter. The one who is hurting and needs to know that you are seen. The one who is broken and needs to know that you are redeemable. The one who is empty and needs to be filled. The one who is doubting and needs a reminder. The one who is lost and needs to be found.



 For YOU, I am praying, the sacred truths below.
For YOU I am interceeding in faith.
For you I am going to battle and not let go.
For  you I am going to the throne and seeking His grace.
FOR YOU, today, I have prayed.
Rest in the grace He extends and enter into his peace.



For this reason, today,
I commit to pray for you, and to desire that 
you may be filled  with the full deep and clear knowledge of God;
I pray that you would walk in a manner worthy of the Lord,
fully pleasing to Him and desiring to please Him in all things,
I pray that you would bear fruit in every good work and 
steadily grow increasingly in the knowledge of God.
I pray that you would be strengthend and invigorated 
with ability according to His power, might, and glory,
 and that you would be filled with  the gifts of
patience and perserverance, with JOY.
I pray that you would share in the portion
of the inheritance  of those who are found in the
light of His countenance.
I pray that you will be delivered from the power of darkness
and translated into the Kingdom  of the Son.
I pray, today, you would know the power of redemption
and the blessing forgiveness through Christ.
And I thank God for You!

~Colossians 1:9-13

Sometimes we need to know that prayer transcends time and is able to cross the boundaries this physical world holds us to. And sometimes we just need to see that prayer written to our hearts by His hand as tangibly as we see them written across a page.

May you find peace and rest today as you remember that someone has prayed for you.



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