Five Minute Friday

It is the end of the week, and time for that little challenge to write for five minutes straight without really thinking about what flows out.It is Five Minute Friday with Lisa Jo Baker and the FMF community of word loving women who are linked by a common desire bless and be blessed by the stories shared.





The Word Today is: GRATEFUL.


Be joyful always, pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus. ~ 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18


Immediatel,y names are rolling through my mind which are synonymous with the word grateful and then  I realize that  Sunday is Mother’s Day.  A day filled with a superfluous display of thankful hearts who want to shower love on that special momma in their lives.   I enjoyed Mother’s Day so that I , ever the scourer of the perfect gift and often failing to find it, could bring a smile to the face of those women who have blessed me so much in this life.  Sometimes, anticipating the antics my children would create with their own version of my hunt for the gift that would speak volumes by its presentation.

This year my heart is heavy as one my dearest blessings is not here for me to express my thankfulness, in person, at least.  She fit the verse above, completely. Her smile and joy are a few of the things I reflect upon often. I didn’t realize just how hard this day would be, not only for me, but for my own momma and the beautiful women I love who are missing her presence just as deeply.


This morning as I sat down to my desk to write, I smiled. Right there in front of me was a momma bird preparing her nest. She diligently flew back and forth scrounging and hunting for the best grass or stick, or even a piece of a plastic bag, to line the home she was building to raise up a family. She caught sight of me, too, and averted her path, for a time. She chose a longer route to rest and perch rather than right in front of my view.  I found it amusing that my little bird in her nest, sitting upon my desk, was watching too, and right there in front of her was the timepiece reminder of an arm that linked to a hand which built a family on love and prayer. A hand that I long to hold, that we all long to hold, just one …more…time.  And I miss grandma and I am thankful, oh so grateful to have been blessed to know her and to love her.


And I think of my momma, who is missing her momma, and I am thankful, oh so grateful to have the blessing of hugging her this mother’s day, and remembering together.

And I think of this momma bird who is faithfully building her nest for her family and I am thankful, oh so grateful, to have this visual reminder that the Lord who Sees Me, the Lord who Hears me, the Lord who Loves me, knows just the moment to send the momma robin to remind me of the legacy I have been given.


A wise woman builds her home.  ~Proverbs 14:1


Gratefulness is bound in the art of remembering the memories, irreplaceable, and the hearts that never fully relinquish their hold upon them. The fingerprint of a mother is tattooed on the heart of the child, forever marking them as their own.  Just like God the Father has set His seal upon His own, forever binding us to the eternal so that when life causes us to part, there is hope in the reunion.( 2 Cor. 1:22) 







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