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Finding the Sabbath of Your Soul, part 2




As I mentioned in the previous post about finding the Sabbath of  Your Soul, we are often easily dictated by schedules and to-do-lists, rerouted and redirected in our journeys, that we miss the most necessary component of the Sabbath Resting, actively coming to the source that rest.


The inclination to get stuck in a pattern is often hidden in the art of being busy. We willingingly succumb to the cycles that life creates, out of ease, rather than the purposeful pattern that the Creator provides.  Life, sometimes, robs us of the ability to see when our schedules are full of the energy draining agendas that take our thoughts off of the reservoir of hope and peace.   Rarely, when this happens, do we notice  how the drain has been pulled on the life-source of our Soul and is spiraling with the whirlpool of motion so prevalent in the race with worldliness. Remember, though we are not running a race with the world, and we, as those who are called of God, are seated with Christ in heavenly places.( Hebrews 12:1, Ephesians 2:6)

Real refreshment, which is found IN CHRIST,  is unending. However, like the woman at the well, during the heat of the day, we sometimes have to be shocked to drop the urn of complacency and get revelation wisdom to change our path.   We have to come to the well of rest, dip our vessel in the fullness of that cool and refreshing gift, and then share it with others.( John 4)  Like this woman whose choices kept her from the rest her soul required, our daily choosing needs to be determined by eternal purposes. When we fill up at the well of Living Water, routinely, we are rested and ready for whatever lies ahead.


Consider how you could change your shedule to include the following changes.

  • Make time to come and rest. ~ What can you take out of your schedule to include a bit of real resting in its place?
  • Schedule time to be refreshed ~ Purposely write a note in your day-timer that says. ” This space is reserved for Resting with the Father.”
  • Make an appointment with the Holy ~ Plan your time with God as it is the most important meeting of your day.
  • Be present when His Presence is near~ Come with an expectant heart knowing that He will show up. Allow yourself to be ever mindful of His Presence as you commune with the Holy.


When we come to the end of ourselves we can allow Him to begin something new in us.

He has the ability to fully restore our overloaded hearts with the peace that our striving removes in the daily toil.


There was a time, when I made it a habit to just sit and rest in my time of quiet before God. This was actually just a few minutes at the beginning of my day when I sat quietly waiting for God to show up. I didn’t speak. I didn’t think. I just arrived and purposed to wait.

He met me each time I showed up. He never failed. I forget that, sometimes, when the day has gotten away from me. I miss Him in those moments when the entirety of my busy-ness floods in robbing joy, when the fears get in the way of faith, when the stress overtakes the trusting and unbelief wins.  I miss the beauty of the stillness when I fail to come to His feet and bend low, waiting.  And my soul longs for refreshment. My heart yearns for more of Him. I need to continue the hapit of planning  this Sabbath for my Soul with the Father.



Sabbath Resting ensures we are seeking the most important things first.



I wonder, when will my mind remember to stop and seek Him first? When will the habit of putting on Christ become as natural as breathing? I wonder when the unceasing prayer, consistently practicing His presence, will be the paradigm of my existence.

And He convicts me as I open the Word to find Truth.

As His beloved my place is nestled there, between His shoulders, RESTING in the beauty of His Holiness.(Deut 33:12) He shows me through His promises, that I am called, appointed, and ordained to receive blessing, all uniquel related to the intimate act of  a personal relationship with Him.


He is present in the moment, waiting, ready to fill, if only I would come make Him my Sabbath.


Be encouraged to rest as you soak up His Word today.  I challenge you to come and just sit before the Lord, waiting for Him to fill you up, preparing you for the day ahead. Let His Spirit meet you, right where you are, and bring the hope, peace, and healing that you weary traveled soul is seeking.

Come with only one purpose today, keeping your heart focused on the  Sabbath Resting that is divinely ordered by His own example. Worship Him in Spirit and in Truth, coming with your heart fully engaged and your mind fully focused on the King. Stand at the crossroads, ask for direction, walk in His way… and rest will assuredly be yours.

Enter into the Sabbath Rest which rejuvenates the soul and strengthens the mind for all that is ahead of you.


Meditate on a few Scriptures as you contemplate the start of your daily journey:

  • Jeremiah 6:16 – The says the Lord: Stand by the roads and look: and ask for the eternal paths, where the good, old way is: then walk in it, and you will find rest for your souls.
  • Deuteronomy 33:12 –  The  beloved of the Lord shall dwell in safety by Him; He covers him all the day long and make His dwelling between His shoulders.
  • Exodus 33:14 –  And the Lord said, My Presence shall go with you and I will give you rest.
  • Psalm 46:10 – Be still and know that I am God.




Prayers that your day will be filled with an opportunity to Come and Find Rest for Your Soul. 


I would love to pray for you and consider it a huge honor. Please feel free to share a prayer request in the comments section or email me at dawnboyer@journeysingrace.com


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