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Contemplation of  God is a lofty process. There is no limit within the context of this topic to hedge me in, yet I find myself paused to consider just what it is I am looking for.


Be Still and KNOW that I am God.  ~ Ps. 46:10


I have been hearing Psalm 46:10 in my heart repeatedly, as my Spirit is crying for more and more of Him.  He is speaking and He is drawing each of us near, nearer to His heart so that we can feel, not just hear, but feel the falling melody beating out for His beloved.

You are the beloved.  

The more we go, desperate for God, the more our heart can find the tune that has been playing for time eternal. The lusty beckoning of His deepest longing is for us to come and find His passionate hope already given.

The more we struggle with the things in this life that mean so little, the further we get from the pull of His heart that yield to life in the Spirit.  The more we dive into the reality of what He has done and has already dispensed, the closer we are to walking in divine wisdom.

  • When we are still, we are not struggling.
  • When we are no longer striving, we can hear the gentle whisper in the wind.
  • When we are listening for His voice, we are preparing our heart.
  • When our hearts are prepared, we contemplate hope.

When Hope is real, the road ahead looks different and the path seems a little easier to travel. Then maybe, we will be able to take that breath and release the sigh that we have been holding in. We can smile and reflect and rejoice in the stillness of the waiting. We learn to BE in the presence God.
If you are in need of hope today, can I encourage you to bow your head and your heart?

If you are striving for the peace moment, can I challenge you to stop struggling and just be?

If you are frustrated with the journey, can I remind you to let Him lead you as you go?


I sat down today to share a promise of Hope because each time I come to the Word of God, I contemplate that HOPE of heaven as my passion. I look at what His Word offers and I long for the the fruit which brings life.  I crave the faith and the compassion to walk the walk and talk the talk.


Hope feeds the soul with the strength to continue taking one step forward. It gives us a reason to lift up that chin and smile in the face of adversity.  Last week, I told you there is hope because there is grace. Today I want to remind you that as we look to hope we are placing trust in that which we can not see and our faith is increased.


Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not yet seen. Hebrews 11:1


Are you believing for that miracle of hope to resurrect itself in your heart? Don’t give up.  What we see in this life doesn’t always reveal the result, but it is the path we are taking. Sometimes it hurts, often it is hard, but He promises that when hope which is not deferred grows it becomes a tree of life.  Proverbs 13:12



Often I sit here at my desk looking wearing my grandma’s sweatshirt looking out at the road  before me. I want to write out Hopeful encouraging words to you. Words that are life-giving and full of promise. Sometimes, I don’t always feel hopeful, but I know that our Sovereign God is forever at work on our behalf taking each moment and revealing our destiny through the good and the bad for HIS glory.

As I close today I want  you to know that  I am praying for you to know His peace in the moment of  your trial and to feel His embrace in the moment of doubt. I pray that you would be encouraged when you are tempted to give up and to be strong in the face of adversity. I pray that you would be humbled when you see His love demonstrated in the simple and rejoice when you see mercy triumph.  I pray that you will be emboldened to forgive when it is not deserved and willing to seek grace when you need to be real. I pray that you will contemplate HOPE today. It is right before you, all around you , in the midst of you.. it is bound in His limitless love.


What are you  hoping for today?



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Driving home from church today I heard the new song by American Idol contestant, Danny Gokey, Hope in Front of Me.  The song was prefaced with a scripture that has been replaying in my mind often lately.  Psalm 46:10, Be still and Know that I am God.  I want to encourage you to listen to the song and read more of  his story of hope. It really blessed me today, causing me to sit, be still, and contemplate our Holy God. Hope In Front of Me 



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