Quiet Time



Does the phrase “Quiet Time” make you want to squirm a little? 

Do you have a scheduled time of day that you set aside to be close to the Lord?



Your Quiet Time is a matter of the Heart.


There was time in my life that just hearing this phrase, “Quiet Time”,  made me feel as if I was failing in my walk with the Lord because I felt like it had to be done at a certain time following a certain pattern.   Thankfully, the Lord met me in the middle of my mess and began to reveal the importance of having a time of quiet contemplation before Him, willingly, joyfully, and purposefully.



When the heart is present, receptive to God, the time of day is not as important as the approach to the throne.


As a mom some days it feels like mastering the art of quiet time requires marathon effort. I can remember the early days when my children were little, sneaking quickly past their rooms hoping to avoid the crack in the floor where it would groan and squeak just enough to draw them out of their unconscious slumber.   I remember, too, the feeling of disappointment at hearing them rise before I was ready to greet them. (And then the subsequent guilt that came for acknowledging the disappointment.)


Quiet time, especially when my kids were little, was rarely evWhen the heart is present, receptive to God, the time of day is not as important as the approach to the throne.er quiet….and sometimes non-existent.  I learned though, that making the time to get before God in quiet contemplation was necessary for me to meet with my children and to conquer (or at least maneuver through) the day ahead.   It is amazing to look back, now,  and see how clear things look, from this vantage point; how profitable, how dear, how necessary that time  with the Lord actually is for us.  The time we spend with Him affects everything we do, think and say. ( 1 Cor 10:31) Though this time of preparing doesn’t change the storms that are to come, it  will change how we react to them.  Somehow knowing that, makes all the difference.

Seeking the quiet place of reverence prepares us for what is to come.

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