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The word for this week : HANDS


I have always been enamored with peoples hands. It is usually one of the first things I notice about a person.  I love to study the way their fingers are shaped and how they use them to work, speak and bless.  Some of my earliest memories are of my mother’s and grandmother’s hands. I loved to watch them work and caress, fold and bless. I loved to study the rings that adorned the fingers and see them shining when the light hit just right.


Perhaps it was because I was just the right height to see the combination of fingers and palms kneading bread or stirring batter just so. Or maybe it was the way those hands taught me to braid or tie my shoes. That draws me to remember the curve of the hand as it rested upon my own through each stage of my life.  Or the feel of the warmth and compassion of the squeeze upon my  own fingers that reminded me was not alone in my distress.

I remember the way they were fiercely balled at the sides, unable to aptly provide an answer to the injustice of life’s living or the way they folded in prayer when there was a need only God could provide.  I still feel the joy as the hands were clapping in delight at accomplishments and achievements and strong and confident when fear loomed near.

My mother’s hands are a present memory that calms my heart. They are hands of love and compassion, fierce loyalty and determined support.  Her mother’s hands are my distant hope, a memory I don’t want to lose and long to hold once more.  My daughters’ hands, at times so fragile, yet resilient and strong both gifted to serve and create as an image of the Holy has imparted within their souls.  His hands scarred , yet extended, precious redemption for me.


Memories of the hands folded, the love extended, the  grace embraced, and  hearts engaged fill my heart with comfort in the remembering. My appreciation is an ever growing admiration for the wonder of love in the touch of one’s hand.







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