One of my favorite blog posts of the week occurs every Friday when oodles of authors ban together to write freely on the same word, lead by Lisa Jo, as we forego the perfection and embrace the action of casting words out onto a page.  Five minutes to write and be free. What a perfect day to celebrate liberty’s holiday today.


release your breath to live and exhale

The word today is: EXHALE


Breathing in, sometimes I forget to breathe out.

I do it all the time and I don’t realize it.  I hear my mind telling me to breathe, to let it out and to relax, but instinctively I hold it in.

I find myself lost in the moment or even afraid to let the moment go, and I pause. Reflecting on what is to come, I miss the chance to release and make room for the next one.

The intake of breath fills me up, and there is a comfort in that … the being full.  I think of the way God breathed upon Adam and I realize I want to keep breathing in more of what He has, but in order to do that I have to let go of the previous breath.

I have to exhale.

The art of the exhale has sometimes been a reminder of frustration, rather than freedom. It is heard, clearly when I am bothered, or upset. You know those moments when you sigh, without knowing it.  Just like when I hold my breath without thinking, I can often exhale in a serious display of emotion.

I sigh when I am worried and conversely also when I am content. Yet the cleansing expelling comes when we release that pent up energy into the qualified hands of the One who has been breathing life into our hearts from the beginning.

I long to inhale the Zoe breath-of-life that comes from dwelling in the presence of the almighty; basking in the life-charged atmosphere of His countenance. I can breathe in, fully, taking in every charged particle of all that He is. Filling up my lungs and refreshing my soul with the mere intake, then immediately, without hesitation to release the sigh of contented peace that comes when we fully rest in Him.

When I am breathing in Life, I can then breathe Life out to others and to circumstances, all leading towards hope. The sigh then becomes a seed of promise.

The art of the exhale is the continual process of living and breathing for the One who started it all when He chose to breathe into our hearts undeniable life. When we exhale, we can choose the same path… breathing life into all that is before us.

We make room, when we release. We bring hope when we free up room for more.  To exhale is to release abundant living.


No more holding my breath, it is time to EXHALE.


Praying your sighs are of contentment, life, and peace today!

In Christ,

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