Five Minute Friday  I was excited to see the email this morning with the word-prompt which would initialize the rapid-fire click, click, click of the wordsmith’s fingers who sought to spill forth a bevy of breath into the pool of inspired tale-tellers.  I was not disappointed in the word choice, as it has loomed heartily before me lately in a myriad of patterns. I was blessed to see, also, the heart of a weaver of faithful threads who is passing the shuttle to another weaver. It blessed me to see her heart shining strong and  her obedience to His heart. I have not been as faithful a contributor to FMF but I have loved the seeds that have been sown, and I am thankful.  Thank you Lisa Jo Baker for inspiring hearts, writing true and spilling forward of the abundance He has placed in your heart.

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The word today is: Finish


Immediately, as I saw the writing-prompt, the words, “Finish Strong” come to mind and I think of the song of my psalmist friend, who sings true encouragement into the hearts of those God sends her way and her song of the same name. She sings about the journey and the path to the finish line and mostly reminds us to keep moving forward.

Then I realize that there are many things I fail to finish. Many things I miss the final lesson or chapter or … whatever. I am a great ‘starter’. I can start nearly ANY project with gusto and willingness to plan each detail so specifically that it can’t help but work, right?

And then reality sets in and I realize that my many unrealistic expectations are beyond the rational ability to complete all that is in my mind and on paper.

Then, too, I can see the parallel in my spiritual life. Missing the finish line, one too many times, on that Bible Study, or that book about Prayer (or the one about organization and consistency), or maybe that project that I started but never fully completed.  I confess, I didn’t make the finish line in so many ways, in so many things, and in so many instances that to offer any reason why would simply be one more excuse.

Yet, like her song it isn’t so much about my mistakes because I need to place them securely at the foot of the cross. No, it is about failing myself and ultimately stealing from God when I purpose to cheat myself from the joy of the finish line.

It doesn’t matter what it is, when we cheat ourselves of the finish line we sever the apportioned joy that is the reward to the diligent.   When I fail to finish as strong as possible, fully relying upon grace as my anchor, and the result that I will likely miss the purpose of the journey becomes a practical reality.

You see, it isn’t as much about the pattern we take to run the race, the distractions we allow to rob us of hope, or the fruitfulness of our endeavors that inhibits the believer most.

2 James 4:7 says, “I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.

When I look at the promise so fully displayed for us, we can see that the finish line is not the end but the transfer of talents from one level to another. We exchange a deeper faith as we abide in Him and humbly seek to glorify Him in all we do.

I want to look at that finish line and realize that it isn’t as much about getting to the end, but the necessity is to have our faith be in tact as we purpose to finish strong.

Tonight, I am praying for faith to be the platform of your heart and you remember how courageous, brave and gifted you are. Chose God’s way(because His is always better) and operate from a place of rest and thanksgiving (thereby also relieving some of your  working.)

What is your testimony that challenges and encourages us on our journey to fullness?


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