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plentiful harvest


We are predisposed to labor with diligence

He blows in the door with the now cooling air, dust settling upon every exposed crevice of skin. He smiles with his eyes first, taking in the surroundings…almost surveying the battleground before he decides the tactic.  He is quiet, this man I see walking through our door, coming and going with a determination to provide. He says little with his words, but his actions imply so much. Sometimes I am not as grateful as I should be, or at least not in words he always hears, but I am. I am thankful for his passion to serve his family like this, working diligently to provide so I can be home.

This working we are called to is Biblical.  Paul spoke about the importance of being earnest in a trade, willful to be purposed with our time and our talents.  2 Thessalonians 3:10 has been uttered in our home since our kids were small, in fact one of the first sentences I heard our youngest quote to a sibling was, “…Momma says, If you don’t work, you don’t eat.”  This ethic of working hard, it is a part of our make-up, it has been passed down in this Midwest rural community where we were raised; ingrained deep within the DNA of our souls.

Is it a predisposition in our code bank, this hard working gene?  I see it in my son, a young man now towering over his mother in youth and brawn, learning the importance of a day’s wage as he watches his father provide in faithfulness.  He hungers consistently from the laboring, both physical and spiritual food, and I give thanks that we have the cooperative effort to teach him that diligence reaps rewards of great worth. Together we work to lead and mold his character, together we pray for his growth through industry of both mind and body.


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This season of harvest, the continual effort to bring in the crops sown early, rewriting the story already penned on parchment aged and cracked, reveals His glory and splendor as we imitate Creation’s song. The harvest, it is a plentiful time of hope that commemorates the faithful sowing, watching, weeding, and watering of the seasons prior. God gives us the season of harvest as a warning and a reward.  The hard work is worth the lesson of both.


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Celebration of work is a part of each day as we gather around the table. Our working together in the daily efforts, building a life for our family pauses here. The day’s work rolls off our hands as we meet blending talents together to create a life of balance and hope. We gather together and bow heads and hearts at the center of the hearth connected by the circle we’ve cultivated. Reaping the bounty this hard work creates, family built on love and a life forged by faith.


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This working is a gift to spend on one another, to show His faithfulness as we share blessings.  Without work, there is no harvest to reap.  As art imitates beauty, so work imitates the character of the Heavenly Father. We were created to work, to exercise the talents encoded within. As the soul connects the need to be fruitful with the value of work, deep abiding thankfulness flows forth in abundance.  Work is a celebration of gifts rewarding effort. Therefore choose to be diligent as you labor in the harvest field in which you  are placed, the reward is full of heaven’s bounty. (Luke 10:2)



 May your journeys be blessed by His grace,

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