extravagant grace


“The quiet power of a life transformed by the grace of God is so explosive that it can redirect the course of human events.” – Richard Foster


When our lives have been touched by grace, there is evidence of change within their boundaries and even beyond.  The power that is released in a life that has met with the extravagance of God automatically finds itself transformed from ‘death to life’, the old is made new.( 1 John 3:14, 2 Corinthians 5:17) And it is here that our stories, often unfold, to share a testimony of change, a paradigm shift that awakens our souls to hope for more.  This changing and transforming, it can be both gradual and instant, sometimes one merging into the other, but both full of the power of His love completely.

Today I am sharing a bit about the journey that I have taken, this transforming power of grace over my life, for the last 21+ years, with Tara Joy at Faith in Every Day and a few other travelers on this faith journey. She asked us to share about the transformation that has occurred in our lives through our journey of faith.  I love the way she is encouraging others to tell their story, and isn’t that just what we are called to do? Testify of the hope that lies within us, giving reason, logical and sound answers to those who are seeking? (1 Peter 3:15) Tara asked us to answer a few questions through our sharing, so I have decided to throw them in here and there as I tell my story.

We are always seeking, looking for that place where our heart knows it belongs.  

I found my true home when I met the One who fashioned my soul.  He met me, He changed me, He transformed my life in ways I could have never expected.

You see I met a God who is in the business of making lasting change; eternal change.  But He is also the One who has mastered the art of perfecting us in Love. Every transformation story, every one that He orchestrates, it is a love story.  We all have a tale to tell, we all have a testimony of hope.  Mine is all about this extravagant grace He has shown me. I am so grateful.


I am sharing my story with Tara Joy at Faith in Every Single Day.  She invited me to connect a while and share my story of transformation over there today. I’d love to invite you to read the rest of the story at Faith In Every Single Day.