when women pray

There is this glorious gift we have been given in the gift of fellowship, a beautiful truth that is easy to miss when we choose to look beyond the simplicity it offers.  Prayer is the vehicle we have been given to touch heaven and pull down blessings.  It is intimate. It is a communication of the deepest level; our souls are involved when we pray.

What power we have when we submit ourselves at the altar of grace;

what freedom we feel when live in its sanctuary.

And it is gospel living in action when we pray together. It is imitation of true communication; sanctified and blessed by the Presence of the One to whom we are seeking an audience.

Look at what Matthew says about this gathering together to pray. It’s a promise, friends; it is hope bursting forth in power.

For where two or three are gathered together in My name, there I am in their midst. – Matthew 18:20

There is something amazing here, that I am learning about prayer that is united by grace. I hope you will catch it close and guard this gem deep in your heart.

 If you have ever longed for the opportunity to connect heart and soul with someone …

If you have ever been eager to meet a kindred spirit up close …

If you have missed out on fellowship because you didn’t fit in …

Then come with me to the Word to find inspiration. This longing we have, it is placed there by God for a purpose.  We are not meant to walk this journey alone, friends. We crave the companionship that  is found in the fervent prayer of those who seek Him together.

Confess your faults to one another, and pray for one another, that you may be healed.

The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much. – James 5:16

Sometimes I am a little slow at learning these truths in the Word, but I am seeing it first hand in operation. The tremendous power of earnest prayer is dynamic and effectual both in power and in its ability to restore our broken hearts.

 When women pray there is a connecting that ties hearts and hands together in unity.

There is just something so freeing when we gather in prayer, it is necessary to be intentional.  As we come together in prayer, we are united on multiple levels.  All those things that keep us back from community, from connecting, and from celebrating each other is left at the door of prayer.

Listen close ladies, this is for all of us.

When you and I bow our heads and grasp hands our differences fade away. We are united by the bond of His presence. There is power here. There is miracle-working  power in these moments of submission.

Last week we talked about risk together, we voiced some of the things that keep us from getting close to others and I LOVED the conversations we shared. I love that you took a risk on me a bit and shared a piece of your heart.

 Why is it that we compare, friends?

Why do we measure with unfair rulers?

 We forget to give grace, both to ourselves and one another so easily that we are actually looking through a lens that has been altered by an untruth. We assume there are reasons we could never fully share what is in our hearts. We think of every possibility for a negative answer, because we are afraid.

Fear is a fickle friend that is unreliable and can’t be trusted, cast it aside and grab a hand in faith.

Maybe you don’t hesitate when it is time to take off the mask and bare your soul before another, but I can tell you that it is much easier for me to type out encouragement to you here where I don’t have to watch your reaction, and where I can delete any comment I don’t want to read, than the exposure of a genuine face to face.

But….the face to face is what our souls long for.

The deep connecting we were made to create with one another in fellowship and prayer requires physical touch. It requires the intentional choosing to connect .

prayer changes hearts

What is the one obstacle that you find keeps you from praying with others?

Being intentionally transparent is never easy, it is risky, but the rewards far outweigh the risks. The extra effort required to pick up the phone and pray is equal in effort  and initiation as the breath prayers I whisper.

Oh, I know that those breath prayers are powerful. Believe me, we need to obey the moment the Lord places someone upon our hearts. But there are those times when we need to be willing pursue the language we were given in our hearts.  We need to swipe away the preconceived ideas that formulate in our brains and keep us from building bridges of hope within each other’s hearts.

This is the language of prayer.

When grace is the platform, there is no room to fall into the trap of shallow relationships which threaten to break the walls we build for protection.  One hand extended in prayer places a brick on the cornerstone of promise, Christ the foundation of all hope, intercedes with us as our willing hearts and persistent petitions meet the throne room of heaven.


What if we made the choice to…??

  • What if we chose to see the glory of God in one another?
  • What if we chose to bless both in the moment and in the prayer closet?
  • What if we decided that it was better to pray for one another’s blessing than our own?
  • What if we really knew what it looks like to the Father when women pray together?


Let me give you a glimpse that I hope will change your perspective about prayer.

Women who pray together are breaking down barriers that have been erected by years of hurt and decades of deceit.   Friend, believe in Philippians 4:8 when you consider the woman next to you, think on the thoughts that are pure, lovely, and of a good report. Don’t entertain anything other than the truth which honors God.  Grab her hand and tell her she is loved and valued and beautiful in the eyes of the Father. Embrace the diversity within your connecting and let God be glorified as you worship in spirit and truth in the dance He created us to master.

We were made to pray in community, to come together and seek His face corporately, to share a burden and to lift one another up in faith, to study His Word with eager hearts.

So, friend, tell me how I can pray for you today? Are you ready to break down some unstable walls with me and start walking the road of unity in the community that God has given you?


Praying for those God-friends to come and walk alongside each one of you today, to speak into your hearts the gift of love and friendship that God has ordained when women pray together.














Joining fellow prayer warriors in encouragement and fellowship along the journey:


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