Mercy like waves

We set out to purposely look for a lighthouse, to find a beacon that blazes bright across the sky. We considered the path and we planned, loosely, for the journey. I can’t tell you why I am mesmerized by these statues of rescue, but I am drawn to their stories.

I love the power of their plan.

The day didn’t turn out quite as planned. Journeys usually have that kind of ending, don’t they? Mine do, anyway.  I know that there is a master planner, I know that He is in control. I just mean that my plans don’t always work out like I think they are going to and I consider the power of His mercy over me.

Unless the Lord is the one who is building, they labor in vain who build.- Psalm 127:1

The atmosphere was soaking; dreary and damp hung heavy. Drizzle was just that close, nearly permeating our skin as we stood still, waiting, but we purposed to seek that which we hoped to find.

We located the first lighthouse with excitement, but it was on an island, unreachable to all except the seagulls and the waves.  It stood proud and purposeful,  as if it wore its mission with pride.

Everything that is made on purpose, bears the stamp of its maker… its destiny is discernable.

I wish my lens could capture all that my eyes take in when I see His handiwork in motion. Only His grace allows me to articulate the power my heart perceives when I discern  His purpose with my senses.

The sound of the waves crashing against the boulders captured my attention and pulled me forward. Water amazes me. As one of the strongest forces in creation, it can mold, dissolve, and destroy in mere seconds. Yet, without it life could not exist.



So many analogies of water and life are sprinkled throughout His Word, permeating the very essence of our underlying need. He is the Living Water that we all need to end our bitter thirsting for the unquenchable.

The waves slammed hard against the solid minerals, wave after wave. Water erupted in a cavalcade of drops that spilled everywhere. It looked like the stone was impenetrable, ending the water’s advance upon the shore. It looked like it dissipated the motion of the lake’s fury built by the turbulent winds.

I watched and I realized that with each crash the water wore away at the stones, eroding them crystal by crystal. Much like the storms of our lives crash upon us with waves strong enough to blow us overboard. Instead we cling to the fragile stones we have built as altars to hold tightly to. In a moment I understood the beauty of His mercy in the trial.

As a wave of mercy met me, the crystallized pride on my heart cracked, a piece eroding with the tumult and dissolving into the sea of His grace.

My eyes caught the image of my son climbing the boulders, hands raised to the sky … calling me back to the group, beckoning me like a light away from the breaking waves.  I remembered our recent discussion,  and the lesson took shape in my heart.  His smile reminding me of the grace I don’t ever really deserve but he generously gives, a remnant of the Father’s mercy over us.

We had a hard talk this week. You know, the hard ones, that leave us spent… like waves crashed upon a barrier of sediment hardened and broken?

We talked about sin and unloveliness and heartbreaking thoughts. We talked about expectations and disappointments and missed chances. We talked about God’s love and the power of grace and this thing called MERCY. We admitted our own insecurity and we bowed low. We asked God to show up strong. We let the waves break our hardened hearts.  The hairline crack started here for me and continued till I saw the waves pounding the granite before my eyes.

This parenting journey has humbled me deep. I am continually aware of my shortcomings as I lead blindly by faith. Truth cut deep into to the heart of the issue we were wrestling with, issues I wasn’t sure I was ready to own.

We talked about trials and mistakes and loving. We acknowledged our inadequacy to live like Christ easy.  And it was here that the image became a reality. Trials are His mercies over us.

Trials are often the mercy of God in our lives to open the door for us to experience  His grace and truth in a way that we would not have known otherwise.

The only way I can rejoice in the deep gut-wrenching trial, in my selfish humanity, is to look through the lens of mercy and see that He is continually faithful in every circumstance.

Maybe, just maybe this hurt is meant to break the stone covering over my heart and bust through the outer shell,  eroding the calcium hardness that is keeping the power of grace from fueling my heart beat with His love.

mercy light housesMercy is like a lighthouse in our lives.

It is a ever constant beacon of light that shines bright in the fog of our weariness,  waiting for us to see it blinking so we don’t crash upon the shore and disintegrate into the powerful waters and sink beneath the surface.

Mercy falls upon us in the trials as we wait for Him to break  grace over us the power of His goodness and resurrect truth before us.

Mercy always leads to truth which bestows grace for our moment and leads us in the righteousness of God.

 Mercy and loving-kindness and truth have met together; righteousness and peace have kissed each other. Truth shall spring up from the earth, and righteousness shall look down from heaven.  Yes, the Lord will give what is good, and our land will yield its increase.  Righteousness shall go before Him and shall make His footsteps a way in which to walk. – Psalm 85:10-13

Just like the waves shattered upon the geologic fortress that lined the beach of Lake Michigan, the dam burst in our hearts , just enough for  truth to bring a balm of healing to our brokenness.


Mercy always leads us to Truth.

This search for light beacons in stone houses, led me to see the battering ram that trials resemble. The powerful evidence of mercy means that the shattering is not an end, instead, its the beginning of the multiplicity that is His righteous love and grace.

All the paths of the Lord are mercy and steadfast love…and faithfulness are they for those who keep His covenant and His testimonies. -Psalm 25:10

Looking up over the barricade  I saw my son’s wide smile with christened eyes of hope because mercy’s wave crashed upon my heart once more, leading me on this journey of grace with a song of praise and a prayer of thanksgiving.



Praying for waves of mercy, grace and truth to wash over you today!








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