Every now and then my kids invite me into the space they occupy, to spend time doing the things that they like to do or they choose to invest time in what I am doing.  It surprises me that they seek me out or defer to time with me willfully when they can  do something else.  Sometimes I assume they want something, but most of the time, they really do just want to hang out. And that amazes me.  It reminds me of the way we need to seek the Lord. It compels me to be an imitator of children who are looking to have their needs met, at whatever age, by someone who has proven trustworthy.

When we seek to be in the presence of one another, we are looking to change our circumstances… to earn favor, to receive grace, to partake in community. Maybe we entreat for altruistic purposes… I think mostly we do.. but even still, as we seek the Lord, we are ultimately always going to be on the winning side of grace.

We should seek the Lord, in hope…. that He may be found, though He is not far from each of us. For in Him we live and move and have our being; – Acts 17:27-28

Last week, my son asked if he could go grocery shopping with me because now that he is working full-time ‘he doesn’t see me enough’.  As we drove, I remembered how he has always sought me out in the mundane things, usually surprising me with his love-language of spending quality time together just doing things. Even from the time he was small he would spend time doing things his siblings would never consider fun, and usually I rarely said a word in those moments.  I didn’t have to because just being together was enough to fill his tank up, and eventually it left room for him to spill out the things that he needed to say.

Let me say that grocery shopping with all my children has not always been much fun, in fact,  my tank is usually depleted at the end of that journey. However, that day with just him was a salve to my soul and we both left with a little of the weariness built up in our hearts and broken off by grace.  It made me think of the way we need to make a purpose to carve out time with God in the mysterious mundane moments. We need to seek Him in every single thing, every moment, every trial, and every praise. It’s easy to seek him when we are struggling or afraid, but sometimes we forget about the grace of seeking Him in the simplicity of everyday moments.

There is grace in the mundane activities we are called to complete.

There is abundant life  spilling over and over in the searching and the seeking.

There is space to be still when we are actively busy because God is our focus.

There is hope as we strive less yet find Him more in our journeys.

Maybe if we put seeking the Lord as the first thing on our list, each day, each moment, each second…then perhaps we will find the strength to get through the difficult more easily and enjoy the mundane a lot more. And maybe, we’ll find there is beauty and joy and wonder in the midst of the hard and the weary and the less than glorious.

Because really, who is looking for the wonder of God in a trip to the grocery store… right?

Yet, because He is trustworthy, because seeking God is seeking grace and finding our lives fuller, we ought to make a habit of finding Him in every moment.

Sometimes we are tired from all the seeking, but maybe it is because we are focusing on  everything except the Lord as we journey. Psalms has a way of putting things into perspective for me, simple yet profound, verse by verse I am reminded to collect each moment and count it as grace.

Seek the LORD, and His strength; seek His face evermore. -Psalm 105:4

Seek is used twice in this verse, but it is written with 2 distinct words that have the implication of an outward act which brings about an inward change.

  • The first word is darash. It means to tread a place, to seek frequently, to resort to looking…. it is an act of devotion out of love for God.
  • The second word is bawkash. It means to find what you are seeking, to find security as you look. It is an act of prayer and supplication, a begging of God for more of Him.

We seek Him because we need Him to meet our needs, but we continue to look for Him because He is the reason we live and move and have our being.

Strength from God strengthens our soul!

As we partake of the omnipotence of God, we are able to adequately bear the trials of life, to enjoy the little things, and to endure the hard moments.

As we seek His favor, His countenance is lifted upon us.(Psalm 4:6)  His favor is a true source of light and joy and His strength is a protection from the weight of our burdens.

As we look for God in the mundane, we discover the wonder of His grace is abundantly provided for all that we need.

As we seek His strength, His grace becomes the tool He actively uses to work out good in our days.

Our seeking reflects our trust in His sovereign love and as a result our praise is an echo of His eternal grace.

To seek Him is our part, being found is His.

The things we enjoy, we purposely seek out and look for with diligence. Seeking God calls us to stir up devotion in our hearts; it challenges us to live in a spirit of praise and adoration in all things.  And isn’t that what we are made to do?

The chief end of man is to glorify God by enjoying Him forever.- John Piper

The more we look, the more we collect #gracemoments, the easier it is to recognize the wonder of every mundane moment baptized by the presence of His holy love. Praying that as you SEEK His face you will be filled up in His love for you, and supplied waves of His unending grace.

I spent some time looking up some words in His Word that helped me to collect grace as I seek Him. You can download a pdf. of that list Seeking Grace Finding God   below. I hope it is a blessing to you!

Seeking Grace Finding God Printable


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