In my journal I make notes as I read through the Word of God.   I add names and dates and prayers that I am collecting on this journey to count grace in each moment.  If I write it down, I will remember it better.

Writing down graces is a habit I try to keep regularly, usually.  Sometimes, when my schedule changes, or life surprises me, I miss the quiet reflections of tallying up those memories and moments that carry His fingerprint.  Yet, even when I forget to scribe them pen to page immediately, I find myself going back and looking for  each moment where I saw grace planted and peace harvested.

If I stick with it, this looking and numbering graces as I go, I find them.   It changes a soul to be a seeker of good rather than a harbinger of the unlovely.  I need to be a seeker of grace often, because it leads me to greet in grace more and sow in peace purposefully.  It brings Jesus right into the middle of my now, it makes me collect #gracemoments more, to recognize His presence which always ushers peace in…and we all need a lot more of that.

To the saints and believing and faithful brethren in Christ who are at Colossae: Grace to you and heart peace from God our Father. – Colossians 1:2

I love how Paul sent each letter with a blessing, filled with prayer, loaded with wisdom and heaped with the love of God.    In every instance, the first lines read the same, a lavish outpouring of grace and peace.  The pattern is clear. The repetition enforces a knowing.  The message is the same. I want to greet others like this.

These letters we hold sacred,  the words inspired by His Spirit, bound and stamped holy, they are the voice of God in our days.  Precious words that fill and restore and redeem and renew us, and grace and peace often begin each one.

How are you greeting others?

Paul poured out in his missives of faith what God poured into Him. He didn’t keep the blessing of grace and peace and love.  He knew the magic, the mystery, the wonder of God’s promise. He knew the economy of heaven counted multiplicity as a law that cannot be withheld.

The more of God we give away, the more of God there is in our midst.

There is more than enough grace to give and give and give and give.  Yet, in our stingy self-promoting spaces, we miss the purpose of favored graces.

Favor puts someone other than us first.  It places another ahead of us. It values and appreciates. It forces us to step second, or third, or last. And it is ok.

And peace means no striving, no seeking for approval because we already know the peace that passes all understanding when we understand the message of grace’s greeting.

We have already received enough to meet us with each new day In Christ. In Him we have every good thing.   The approved peace ushered by favored grace is the ultimate harvest of planting the seeds He has sown into the depths of our soul.

And it makes the power of giving look differently. It reveals the power of running last, waiting at the end, and pausing to give way to another. It is the upside down beauty of His Kingdom that doesn’t always make sense, but is true nonetheless.

So the last will be first, and the first last.- Matthew 20:16

When the first is the last and the last get the game crown, what do we see?

We see full on gospel living. We see love poured freely. We see hope planted exponentially. We see life lived on purpose. We see grace seeds planted and peace of heart gathered.  We see winning for all of us, no matter where we are on the journey. Because when the gospel is the focus, grace and heart peace are the greetings, and Christ as the victor waves His banner of love over us all.

The crown and the victory thing, it is His. And we are being invited to a coronation we haven’t earned a seat for, a crowning of glory that is His gift to us undeserved,  a righteousness that entitles favor and grace, and the ultimate blessing of eternal peace.  It is His crown that is awarded, set on our soul sealing us so that we, too, are welcomed royalty.

Favored graces and peace of heart greetings remind us that first and last look different in the God’s Kingdom and there is a heavenly purpose in the effort to sow grace as we speak.

What if we greeted each other with this truth in mind?

Sorting through these things that are rumbling and tumbling in my head and heart… about the upside down way of choosing to be last so others can be first and planting grace-seeds so that peace blooms, and choosing joy when there is so much hurt everywhere-I-look because the gospel is the answer and truth is a sword of grace.

And truly, we have it within our grasp. We can share it in simple ways. We can be the first who choose to be last and we can greet one another differently because we know the principle of increase and favor and peace starts with  His grace.




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