I was reminded by your words last week that Mother’s Day is coming up.  I am terrible with dates some days, especially remembering the special ones.  I am sure there is a deep seated reason for that… or I am just completely unaware of all that is going on… or I am taking this break super-serious.

But for what it is worth, the following posts spoke a special grace right into my heart this week.  I want to share them with you today.  Please take time to visit these sweet women of God and take in the wisdom they are sharing with their words and with their hearts.

What Moms really want for Mother’s Day.

Lauren shared one of my favorite scriptures which I have prayed over my own children a time or two from Proverbs 31.  The one that says, “her children will rise and call her blessed”, and I have planted those hope-seeds in prayer that I would be a woman who blesses my children.    In her post Lauren lists 8 things that speak to a momma’s heart, and she reminds us that appreciating our mother, seeing what she has given and given up for her children, is really a gift in and of itself.



Mama Guilt

I am not a big tea drinker, but Jennifer invites us in with such a warm and welcoming spirit that I know I would love anything she poured out in the beautiful tea cups that adorn her table.  Not only does she comfort us with provision of a table set to encourages fellowship but she speaks to us about that heavy weight we wear called ‘mama guilt’.   In a winsome way she reminds us that this is not what we are meant to carry, and she pours out grace for us to sip and savor with her reminder to reject the unrealistic notion of perfection and just be the  mothers we are called to be.

12 Ways to be Content

Lisa shares an excellent list in her post about contentment and how to excel in it.  The more I learn about the peace of God, the kind that passes all understanding according to Philippians 4, the more I wonder if contentment is one of the main keys of having that peace.   The first item on the list is one of my favorites, as it is all about giving and receiving grace and we all know how much I find myself looking for those moments where  grace piles up. Lisa reminds us to consider the true and the lovely in simple yet profound truths as we contend for that state of peace.

When you do not know how to help, what do you do?  We are a family impacted by mental illness. It came like a thief in the night, robbing us of all normalcy and turning our lives upside down.We had no idea what hit us. Many friends walked away out of fear or not knowing how to help. What kind of friend would you be?

When you do not know how to help.

This last post really touched my heart, today.  Perhaps, because I have a small idea of what it feels like to be on both sides of this conversation.  Perhaps,  because I am not ready to discuss my own story yet, but I relish every piece of wisdom on this topic from someone I know I can trust. Maree is a friend of my heart and a kindred-spirit, her wisdom and her love for the Lord shine in all she shares.  I chose her words because we all have people in our lives who are battling some sort of trial and difficulty, we all have someone who needs to know that we will walk them through their hard place and pray them into grace.   And friends, I believe fully, that this is the one area that the church can do so much better in.   I hope you’ll spend some time with her words this week and be an encourager to a momma or a friend or a family member who is walking a difficult road like this.

Praying for each of you this Mother’s Day weekend. May you all know how much you are appreciated, loved and valued for all you do and give and share. For those who are struggling on Mother’s Day, may His love surround you and hold you close. For those missing people and longing for empty arms filled, may His comfort be your companion. For those of you waiting and dreaming and for those of you who are praying for a birthing of your soul, may He fill you with more of Himself.  For those of you who are deep in the trenches, or waiting in empty nests, or now mothering by your grands…thank you for building up men and women for good things. You are doing glory’s work. May the seeds of hope bloom into flowers of grace.

Happy Mother’s Day with Love!

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