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About pages scare me, I never know what to put here.  I want to be transparent enough that you can see straight through my words right to the One whose Word has altered my life for eternity.  

I am honored you have stopped by Journeys in Grace. This is the place where I wrestle with the hard questions, reason and rejoice in God’s grace and mercy, and pray in heart and in tandem with you as we  move forward on a journey to grace.

 I know this is supposed to give you a glimpse of not just who I am but what I love so here are a few things that I think open up a bit of why I write about grace so often.

  •  I am a blessed wife to my high school sweetheart. We have lived a lot of life together and I am grateful for his faithfulness to our family.
  •  I am a momma to 3 amazingly unique individuals who are God’s amazing gift of grace and refinement in my life. I can’t imagine not being a mom to these 3 servant hearts. They bless me and enrich my life daily.
  • We are a homeschool family and this has been one of the most amazing and educating experiences of my life. I truly have had a better education as homeschool momma than I ever did when I was in school or college.  I even wrote a few things that I have learned and taught through this experience. 
  • I love to be outside as often as I can either plodding the dirt on a running trail with my teenage son beside me,  digging in the dirt with my youngest planting seeds and flowers and pulling weeds, or just basking in the shade of our River Birch with our oldest hiding behind a book, lost in time.  
  • I am a bee-haver, as opposed to a bee-keeper, because I believe that God made them to do exactly what they are meant to do all w/o my help. We have a few hives, I sit and watch them work often, and once in a while I take the honey as rent for the space they take in my garden. 🙂
  • Most importantly, the single most significant identity I own, is that of a child of God. He met me when I needed to hear His heart. He saved me with a grace that I have been following hard after for over 20 years. He has drawn me to His side and filled me with a desire to pray for others with unwavering passion, to teach His Word in a way that reaches even the most wounded soul, and to love on others through this journey of grace because He first loved me.
  • Every now and again, I get the chance to speak in to the hearts of others, either through the written word or in person, and share this love of grace He has put in my heart.

I love that you are here.  I’d love to pray with you. Please feel free to leave a note and a prayer request.  I cherish every comment and pray for each person who stops by.


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