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When uncommon grace is perfectly sufficient…#GraceMoments Link Up

This grace thing is rocking my world.   As I sit here typing words that are meant to encourage all I can synthesize is that what God has given us, right there in His Word, it is what He means and He’ll do it. And if we believe… if we let faith, even the size of a mustard seed, take root, there is bound to be a harvest… if we wait… if we trust… if we hope… if we believe, then God. Sometimes the if’s wrap themselves tight around the thoughts that bombard my shield of faith. Like a weapon...

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When the transition space initiates grace…#GraceMoments Link Up

I filled out an application for employment last week.  Other than my tutoring gig, and  a few failed work-at-home prospects, I haven’t been employed for the last 19 years.  It was weird. Half-way through the application I stalled for fear I would make a mistake.   Yet,  what gave me the longest pause was realizing the way time has moved on. Seriously, twenty years flew by and I didn’t even realize that chunk of time was gone until I had to account for it.  I find myself counting things habitually… all.the.time. So why was I so shocked that the earth has circled the sun nearly two times ten revolutions since I was last gainfully employed outside of the home? My last real job (if you don’t count being a mom and a home educator and a tutor) was in a clinic. My job included headphones, a typewriter,  one of those tiny tapes the doctors wrote stories on, my foot pedal and a tape player.  In my corner away from the world I was content to pluck keys and transpose letters all day long.  I loved that a job. My type-A, time-is-my-love-language soul, could quantify and collect the time spent with a calculated value of output and achievement. But twenty years of mothering and teaching doesn’t always produce immediate results and my most important job sometimes didn’t feel like I was...

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Where grace begins and ends in our words…#GraceMoments Link Up

Today was a typical spring day… wet, cold and unstable. I spent much of it behind the wheel of the car making sure my people arrived to and from their destinations in one piece.   Some of the day’s events were planned, while others were a result of necessity. It seems that something usually can and does often deter from the original plans I plan. But in the midst of the pandemonium… when one child was practicing, another was getting off work, and still another had an appointment and I was trying to navigate transportation for each one…I had a...

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When dreaming and writing meet together…

When I was younger I didn’t understand what it meant to be a visionary, to be a dreamer.  I didn’t quite get it till someone reminded me that my pragmatic and practical husband complimented my “look at all that is possible” personality.  I was reminded that visionaries need to be tethered to the ground once in awhile because we can leap after new things without thinking about it. That was me. Nearly everything I did was a jump in with both feet kind-of thing and we’d figure everything out as we go along. When dreams and doubt collide…. I...

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When we learn to rest…#GraceMoments Link Up

There was a period where rest felt unwelcome to me.  It was an issue of time, I didn’t fully understand the power of rest for the soul. And funny thing was that I wasn’t all that busy, I just didn’t know how to be still.  And for a time, I could function like that.  I could run on empty and keep going on sheer adrenaline. Sometimes because I was young, and other times because I didn’t have a choice. But most of the time because I just didn’t know how to change the pattern that I kept following. But then…I’d hit...

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Finding Hope in the Mess of Failure…Guest Post and #GraceMoments Link Up

There are people who come into our lives on a gentle breeze, blowing grace as they go and planting seeds of hope and encouragement. They are the hidden blessings of walking with God, a reward for today’s journey in the temporal and limited passing of time we spend here. And we need to record their words and their giving as we encounter them.  We need to sit a while with their stories and to let their souls spill good things right into ours.  It is the way we were meant to partake together, the literal sharing of the living...

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When grace reminds us to rest in His Words…#GraceMoments Link Up

There are some days where I find myself bone weary on the  journey and no matter how many vitamins I take, steps I count, hours I sleep, or bottles of water I consume… I am just tired.  And when that happens, I know that the only remedy is to bask completely in the Word of God.  It is here in this sacred place where the Word that was made flesh is revealed in the red letter promises that lead us to live out the resurrected hope that Easter’s celebration reminds us of.  My daughter reminded me that we ought to...

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