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When we abound in grace….#GraceMoments Link UP

I know both how to be abased and I know how to abound: everywhere and in all things, I am instructed both to be full and to be hungry, both to be abound and suffer need. I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me. – Philippians 4:12-13 These bold brave words in Philippians, the ones that we make a mantra and an affirmation and a reminder all together in the hard and the difficult and the wearisome things…I have said them far more often than I can count.  They become a one-word, multi-syllabic prayer all at once,...

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When thankfulness gives us the perspective of grace…#GraceMoments Link Up

I lost the diamond out of my wedding set last week.  I took a picture of the empty bracket of gold bent and worn, and noticed a word right above it scribing a feeling I wasn’t exactly owning at the moment….thankful. I didn’t realize till the photo was taken the irony of it all,  because thankfulness was not the first emotion that rolled over me when I realized the center of a ring I have rarely taken off my finger in 25 years was missing.  Yet, I found myself convicted by the weight of the moment  and the lesson...

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Why the risk of encouragement is worth it…#GraceMoments Link Up

When I was young, I would lace up shoes and run. It was freeing. It wasn’t till later, much later, when I read Eric Liddell’s story that I realized, in part, why I loved it so. There was a peace in the pursuing an end, a joy that spilled out as feet fell to the ground in a composed cadence of legs, arms, heart and lungs moving in unison. Eric said he ran because he felt the joy of the Lord. Although, I didn’t understand it then, running connected my soul to the deeper things, the good and the...

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When there is always more grace…#GraceMoments Link Up

The  days are slipping by faster than I can count them.  It feels like one season is here and gone within a heartbeat. And the busy season or the prepping season seems to be converging upon one another, morphing into a single space that has little room for pause. It is a little unsettling for someone who does not thrive on busy, for one who craves quiet and slow and still.  The resting that my soul requires even seems hurried, maybe even planned, and that feels unnatural to plan for rest. I don’t do that well…but I am learning....

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When Grace Seeds bring Heart Peace…#GraceMoments Link Up

In my journal I make notes as I read through the Word of God.   I add names and dates and prayers that I am collecting on this journey to count grace in each moment.  If I write it down, I will remember it better. Writing down graces is a habit I try to keep regularly, usually.  Sometimes, when my schedule changes, or life surprises me, I miss the quiet reflections of tallying up those memories and moments that carry His fingerprint.  Yet, even when I forget to scribe them pen to page immediately, I find myself going back and...

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When we come to His Table of Grace…#GraceMoments Link Up

  I was reminded the other day of some words I penned to a group of grace-dwellers who sit around a table with me every now and again.  I forgot I wrote them, to be honest, though I recognized the message when I looked again. And I was reminded of the necessity to rest at the Table of Grace with the One who fills us repeatedly…because we get weary on the journey and we have amnesia when it comes to His goodness. Weariness feels like emptiness and longing to be filled and filled and filled by something more than...

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When we cooperate with grace…#GraceMoments Link Up

The mornings seem to come quickly lately.  I find myself feeling like I went to bed only moments before I wake up.  The rest that a full night’s sleep is meant to prepare us for seems lacking.  And since I am not a morning person, prayer and grace and coffee  are my ammunition and armor…not necessarily in that order. And sometimes, especially when I am tired I load up on one rather than the other and it leaves me even more depleted as I start the day. How can our tank be empty if we keep filling it and...

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