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When we strive for goodness, truth and grace…#GraceMoments Link Up

I am convinced of a few things in this life. Unwilling to move from the validity of their fullness, the truth that seeps from the acknowledgment of them.  They are bound to my soul, anchored by a force much  bigger than me.  And they are the light that leads through the journey. They are my answer, most often the very first thing I say in any situation. God is good and Jesus is the Truth and we don’t have to strive for grace. While that may seem obvious to you, a truism, an absolute.  There are moments in this...

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When we learn to run together…#GraceMoments Link Up

Exactly one week ago, I was in a van loaded with teenagers heading south. We were packed full, bursting with bags and people and energy.  And we were filled with eager anticipation for what was ahead:  A running competition that was the culmination of a season full of hard work and big goals. Hovering in the hearts and minds of these athletes was an anticipation of what was to come, a desire to finish strong, and a goal to run well, but mostly, they just enjoyed being a team. However, I consider my life worth nothing to me; my only...

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When gratefulness is a choice….#GraceMoments Link Up

Recently, I sat in a room full of people who were listening to a dedicated coach spill grace all over her athletes.  She had nothing but good things to say, of course,  because we were there to applaud their hard earned achievements through the season.  We were there to gather and to fellowship and to give thanks together for the achievements that were gained. And it was easy to choose gratefulness. Gratefulness, though, is a choice we must make.  Like love and joy and compassion, we must choose to give thanks more often than not. It is something that we...

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When failure is a catalyst for grace…#GraceMoments Link Up

Do you ever feel like you are more familiar with failure than success? This week as I wrestled with big ideas at a table full of young adults who are just starting to learn, really learn, how to think about something besides themselves in a way that allows them to view others and this world they live in, I pondered the grace-deep truths that successive failing sinks slowly over our souls. And I think there is a defining that must occur when we consider the meaning of failure. Because as with everything, really, our perspective and ability to know the truth clouds the way we understand it all. How do you define failure? The dictionary says failure is a lack of success. In my imperfect, totally self-focused view, I have always perceived failure as a lack of my own ability to do the right things. The key words are: my own. And any philosophy where I am the author and negotiator of truth is going to be faulty. Dependent upon me alone is a statement bound up in failure. Yet, if asked, many of us would say it is in our weaknesses we come to know a deeper strengthening, it is in our losses we come to know a fuller joy, it is in failing that we often experience the best successes. In these everyday discussions we have together,...

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When grace stops being a cliche…#GraceMoments Link Up

I read an article about a reformer who didn’t know he was a reformer recently.   An ‘accidental reformer’ whose failures created a space of influence that made a way for others. As I trailed the author’s words, in my mind I couldn’t help but think about how everyone of us has someone to thank for where we are,  whether failures or success we influence others and hopefully learn lessons from the living together that we do. I realize, that apart from His Grace, we are lost.  But  this word seems to float around as if it is a common...

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When grace gathers us…#GraceMoments Link Up

I sat around a crowded table, in a room that was not built for the sound it contained.  Waves of noise and notes and echoes bounced from each wall and structure and soul in an unorganized and chaotic path, yet relevant because life was happening all around. People were peopling. And even as we are fractured and bent, the healed and the broken blending together, there was a beauty in the mix. There was a gathering of diverse unity, a complex blanket of grace thrown about in a collection of hearts beating differently yet the same. It’s what we...

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When prayer is the call grace gives…#GraceMoments Link Up

This last week as I sat at a table of people listing out names and characters they wrote about for an assignment, I was reminded of the way our stories are an allegory for our own spiritual journeys.   As my student’s and I discussed Bunyan’s classic, “Pilgrim’s Progress”, and the moniker each character owned, literally… I marveled at their responses to his words and tried to reconcile the complexity we each war with no matter what our age. The litany of our words often crashes down upon us, our confessions and our statements and our wisdom all bound together;...

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