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When grace reminds us to rest in His Words…#GraceMoments Link Up

There are some days where I find myself bone weary on the  journey and no matter how many vitamins I take, steps I count, hours I sleep, or bottles of water I consume… I am just tired.  And when that happens, I know that the only remedy is to bask completely in the Word of God.  It is here in this sacred place where the Word that was made flesh is revealed in the red letter promises that lead us to live out the resurrected hope that Easter’s celebration reminds us of.  My daughter reminded me that we ought to...

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When we walk a calvary road…#GraceMoments Link Up

I have always wondered what it was like to be the one who helped Christ carry the Cross down that dusty difficult road.   To be the one who was pulled aside and forced to bear a burden that had to seem too much to take on…to be compelled into compassion, completely surrendered to serve in a moment that must have been overwhelming.  I have often wondered if I would have understood the privilege of walking up that road with Him. As they went out, they found a man of Cyrene, Simon by name. They compelled this man to carry...

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When grace reminds us we are known…#GraceMoments Link Up

Everywhere I turn lately, people I love are walking with a little bit of weight in their hearts.  Walking wounded pushing on, pursuing God’s promises and seeking His sure mercies in the daily journey of stepping out in faith.   It only takes a moment to stop and see the measure of their pain, it only takes an honest question of wonder that can lift the burdens that we bear… it only takes being seen with eyes of grace to let us into the hard and the difficult place that community is meant to fill together.  We have to know...

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When your tears are collected by grace…#GraceMoments Link Up

Being a collector of words, I find myself writing them down frequently.  Sometimes they are my own, and others belong to someone else.  If I don’t write them down, I  tend to forget them… so I create space to save them, to collect them together.  When they mark a space in my soul, the kind that provides a space of rest whenever I cross them, I always take time to pause and ponder their depth. When I ran across a quote I read in a book a while back, one I scribbled in my journal, I paused again to...

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When the waiting teaches us to listen…#GraceMoments Link Up

  The sun has been making a regular appearance lately. It is a little deceiving.  When the bright rays pour through the paned glass, the insolation that heats is magnified by the insulation of our house.  I want to step out and experience the warmth, but I still need my winter clothes to protect me from the cooler temps. We are experiencing warmer days though, too.  And that is a token of grace that we don’t take for granted. March is like that, here where I have turned my solstice counting.  In like a lion, out like a lamb…a...

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Wherever grace shines…#GraceMoments Link Up

I have a tendency to collect words, writing them down on notes and in lists for later.  Etymology and word building fascinate me. I pour words out over my kids and my students like their souls are an arid desert, hoping tumbled  vowels and consonants rolled together will drench inspiration. I long to be a passer of good things, to change how they see rhetoric. I want them to see that it is more about good people speaking well, not poor words spoken in selfish division. Sometimes speaking well and speaking goodness are not on the same level, they...

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God’s Covenant of Redemption… Studying Isaiah 54

Any gardener will tell you that an untended garden is full of many things that will choke the life out of the plants that were meant to grow there.    Even though the weeds were not a part of the initial plan, they somehow appear right next to the  tender shoots of green that push their way through the cultivated soil taking in the rich oxygen laden air and drinking up the settled morning dew.   The weeds sometimes look enough like the plants themselves that it is hard to tell the difference, but a master gardener, a seasoned green thumb,...

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