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When we walk through seasons of grace…#GraceMoments Link Up.

Sometimes I run away from the world. It is a defense mechanism, I know… and I am working on resisting the urge to lace up shoes and escape drama, but it is also a very present grace for me.  I know that I need the quiet to recharge my batteries. I know that if I don’t remove myself from a situation where I feel the walls closing in that I may implode, and well…that isn’t good either. The recovering perfectionist in me feels like I should be able to handle change well by now, but I am still such...

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When He delivers us in the wilderness…#GraceMoments Link Up

I am consistently intrigued with the stories of the rescued.  Redemption on full display rendered by hope and garnered by grace.  Stories where the good wins and the bad is defeated and the rescued meet mercy at just the right moment. I think we are all hungry for those stories. Because even though we have the good news, we are also right in the midst living with real people in real situations that are sometimes really really hard. And we long for the encouragement that somewhere, some way, there is a rescue waiting for us. We long for a...

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When we find the faith to face our fears…#GraceMoments Link Up

A few weekends ago, I sat quietly with a friend in her newly made space for gathering souls. Her heart is to share the gospel, she’s an evangelist but maybe doesn’t know it yet.  We watched some warrior women inspire us to live out the gospel for real…to be authentic disciples of Jesus…to be like him and to follow him with audacious imperfect faith. It is our tradition to gather for this weekend in the beginning of February, to glean from the worship and the teaching of women and men who love God big.  It has become our ‘thing’…...

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The Conviction of the Gospel Way of Grace…#GraceMoments Link Up

Life seems to be exploding all around me. Can you believe that February is near complete? It was a full on busy crazy I can’t remember putting my feet on the ground sort of month for me. How about you? I don’t like those kind of days where grace is fleeting and  connecting is less and less because you are meeting in moments that allow for a wave and a sigh and a see you soon, I hope. I need to connect with my people to feel grounded. It’s the reset that keeps us tethered and helps us thaw from...

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Becoming a philanthropist of grace…#GraceMoments Link Up

If you and I were seated across the table today, looking eye-to-eye, I might tell you that I am tired. I might actually say exhausted is a better description. Because I am really good at deflecting and I am trying to be really good about listening, I would turn the conversation to you and how you have been. Actually, if I am being totally honest, I would suggest we meet for coffee because my house is a wreck and my desire to be domestic is at a record low.  Mostly, because I am busy and we are in a...

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When our imperfections lead us into His perfect grace…#GraceMoments Link Up

I am easily distracted by things. I want to try to be organized and focused, but my mind wanders often. It used to bother me deeply. Somehow I equated wandering mind with wandering heart. Envy of others, ‘have it all together’ was a syndrome I fed continuously. And then one day, someone accused me of the same thing I envied in others. That was a funny conversation, actually, but it opened the door to an authentically real moment I have never forgotten. The fear of not fitting in, of not belonging to the good things, of chasing holiness instead...

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When we choose the walk of worship…#GraceMoments Link Up

It was as faint as a whisper, but it was there and I heard it clearly. Her voice as gentle as a caress. She didn’t know I was listening to her sing with the radio, but that day as we drove she didn’t pay attention to the fear that usually accompanies everything she does. She just sang to Jesus, with all her heart, with all her joy, with all her longing for more of Him. Simply praising God. And then she saw my tears and stopped singing to look closely at her momma. Trying to piece together this fragile place we both find ourselves stooping to reach. A place where worship heals broken hearts and resurrects grace in buckets of praise so that we can breathe deep and keep moving on. Music has always been a release for her. Time spent listening to positive words ushering in hope and wonder, grasping for the good in the midst of the hard, and slowly reclaiming the lost moments that hardship and illness and depression have left cracked in her space. And the cracks she’s felt are like grooves in my soul. Not because I own them as my own, ok…sometimes I do, but because I have forged a path of prayer over and over and over. My head knows the Words He has given us, I know them… I quote them…I write...

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