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When doing well is the grace we count…#GraceMoments.

And as for you, brethren, be not weary in well doing. – 2 Thessalonians 3:13 Sometimes I find myself not wanting to do well. Yep, there it is. I remember when a friend spoke this verse to me with encouragement in mind and I responded with those exact same words.  And then I felt bad because I was gut-honest when my soul felt weary and those words were not faith-words. I almost allowed condemnation to rob the moment that God afforded with a trusted friend who was speaking truth to my heart, but grace was there in those quiet...

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When we are motivated by mercy…#GraceMoments Link Up

I  ran across a note from a friend the other day.  It was  shoved into a book I had been reading at the time, I suppose, layered  and filed in a space that was occupying my thoughts when I read it.  I do that often, file things for later in places I’ll forget. Yet, when I find them again, in the hidden holders spilling encouragement and prayer it is a #gracemoment. Her words were a reminder of His mercy, a gentle whisper echoing the art of wearing grace as we do life together. Both times, when it arrived and...

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Witnessing grace after the storm…#GraceMoments Link Up

The way the landscape changes after a storm always lures me to wander amongst the raindrops still lingering.  The view always shakes me because the colors are so pure, a vibrancy unleashed with the washing of the condensed clouds let loose. And there is a hush that permeates the air surrounding the storm-tossed setting. It, too, seems amplified… like hearing the song of nature for the first time. Almost as if everything was muted before and then all at once the heavens open up and the world was baptized in mercy… a cleansing, a resetting, a #gracemoment. And truth...

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When God is working in the waiting…#GraceMoments Link Up

I am not always good at the art of letting go or waiting. Many ‘things’ that once were necessary, over the course of my journey, have begun to mean so much less than I thought they once did. And I marvel at the importance I had placed upon them…trivial and temporal tokens that really didn’t matter in the end. Hindsight is always so much clearer than our vision as we go. Of course we all know that. And in many circumstances we have the ability to truly learn from that, to discern the good from the bad and apply...

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When we find ourselves breaking in Christ…#GraceMoments

When the spaces that surround your soul fracture, it threatens to weaken the faith you have come to rely upon both in the good and in the hard moments life has brought you.   And sometimes,  you find yourself on the other side of your faith journey wondering exactly what brought you to this space. If you don’t give yourself permission to pause and look closely at what you believe, the trial has the potential to break you so completely that you may not recover. But for His grace, we would not. I have been wading through familiar words as I have been resting from my own these past two weeks, letting the quieting of my own voice make room to hear more of His. I’ve been busy adjusting to new schedules and some hard truths, as well. I’ve been breaking a little around the edges. And we need to look for #gracemoments in the turbulent and the difficult moments, friends. We need the hush of the thoughts that swirl in our heads so that we can focus on the still small whisper that has been directing and leading us all along. And we may just find that some of the most significant grace we experience is the space where our souls break completely and His love emerges. Because Hope springs to life when faith begins to bloom anew in...

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When the silent waiting echoes grace…#GraceMoments Link Up

The wonder of finding something new about grace, about God’s grace in particular, has been a defining characteristic of the words that I spill here.  I mentioned last week about the way it is constantly changing the paradigm my world revolves around.  That isn’t anything new, really. But this past week as some major moments were counted in the timeline that records my days and I gathered with brilliant and beautiful people to feast on the importance of consistent prayer and deep and soul-filling nurturing, I was reminded of the most important lesson my soul is actively learning… to wait silently, expectantly, and faithfully for and upon God. Truly my soul waits upon God: from Him comes my salvation. – Psalm 62:1 These words this song-writing heart-after-God seeker penned have been playing on repeat in my memory.  And the depth of their meaning, the intent behind the purpose that waiting gives… is more than just a cursory glance can expound on. While the psalmist is expressing a patient submissive stillness that resounds as a breathless adoration and a holy quiet wait in the soul which spills over into EVERY OTHER THING… I have been convicted by the potential that waiting on God alone affords those who both hear and do exactly what He says. Wait upon God, alone…truly. Because he is the source of our salvation. “To wait on God...

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When uncommon grace is perfectly sufficient…#GraceMoments Link Up

This grace thing is rocking my world.   As I sit here typing words that are meant to encourage all I can synthesize is that what God has given us, right there in His Word, it is what He means and He’ll do it. And if we believe… if we let faith, even the size of a mustard seed, take root, there is bound to be a harvest… if we wait… if we trust… if we hope… if we believe, then God. Sometimes the if’s wrap themselves tight around the thoughts that bombard my shield of faith. Like a weapon...

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