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When we long for more…#GraceMoments Link Up

I hesitate to make resolutions at the beginning of each new year. I have the tendency to set expectations too high and I usually find myself discouraged by February. Yet, the fear of not making the best decisions, setting the reachable but challenging goals, and of believing that I actually can (and should) embrace them is a limitation that I alone put on myself. It most certainly is not from God. And I want to see that change in 2018. I am guessing that most of us have mixed emotions with the whole New Year’s Resolution thing. But one...

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How we learn to behold grace as we wait…#GraceMoments Link Up

We were sitting in a crowded and busy restaurant last week, my girls and I, having lunch and watching the chaos.  We were fueling; me for the massive numbers of people we would be navigating through and they were just hungry for one of their favorite treats.  In my mind I was creating a list of what I needed and where it would be found when the youngest of my people stole my thoughts with a relevant confession. “It just doesn’t feel like it should be Christmas, Mom.” I smiled because I understood what she meant. It wasn’t about...

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When His light leads us to wait expectantly…#GraceMoments Link Up

I remember when the biggest journey of the Christmas season was piling into the car, bundled and swaddled in blankets and scarves and hats and double-layered clothes, to go light hunting.  Looking with wonder at the creative expressions of those who anticipated the season of joy today lit my own heart. The route was usually the same.  Many of the houses were simply shadowed with a halo of bulbs here or there.  Nothing like the wonder of today. Mostly, it was the window that would shine out a beckoning call, a signal that said, “We’re waiting”, with  a candle or...

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When the broken is mended by mercy…#GraceMoments Link Up

Sometimes the things that are unplanned and unwanted in our journey make the most sense. Perhaps it is the paradox of faith to trust that the  days that we choose to surrender are ordered by the One who has held the stars in His hands and created image-bearers from the dirt that He spoke into place. The wonder of it all astounds me.  And I can’t fully wrap my brain around the enormity of it all…except to come back to one word that has been hounding my heart for weeks… Mercy. Last Sunday as my church family gathered together...

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When we seek Him in the season, there is grace…#GraceMoments Link up

Seeking Him first has always been my goal, daily.  I have such good intentions, but my  attention can easily be diverted by the mess and the lists and the calendar and the issues that are mounting higher and higher each day.  And I get distracted. I get pulled away from the goal and the need of my soul. I’d like to say that I find my way every morning to the very spot that my soul yearns to rest. That place where I meet with  my Savior and settle close in the peace it always provides. And for the...

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When we strive for goodness, truth and grace…#GraceMoments Link Up

I am convinced of a few things in this life. Unwilling to move from the validity of their fullness, the truth that seeps from the acknowledgment of them.  They are bound to my soul, anchored by a force much  bigger than me.  And they are the light that leads through the journey. They are my answer, most often the very first thing I say in any situation. God is good and Jesus is the Truth and we don’t have to strive for grace. While that may seem obvious to you, a truism, an absolute.  There are moments in this...

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When we learn to run together…#GraceMoments Link Up

Exactly one week ago, I was in a van loaded with teenagers heading south. We were packed full, bursting with bags and people and energy.  And we were filled with eager anticipation for what was ahead:  A running competition that was the culmination of a season full of hard work and big goals. Hovering in the hearts and minds of these athletes was an anticipation of what was to come, a desire to finish strong, and a goal to run well, but mostly, they just enjoyed being a team. However, I consider my life worth nothing to me; my only...

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