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When the waiting teaches us to listen…#GraceMoments Link Up

  The sun has been making a regular appearance lately. It is a little deceiving.  When the bright rays pour through the paned glass, the insolation that heats is magnified by the insulation of our house.  I want to step out and experience the warmth, but I still need my winter clothes to protect me from the cooler temps. We are experiencing warmer days though, too.  And that is a token of grace that we don’t take for granted. March is like that, here where I have turned my solstice counting.  In like a lion, out like a lamb…a...

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Wherever grace shines…#GraceMoments Link Up

I have a tendency to collect words, writing them down on notes and in lists for later.  Etymology and word building fascinate me. I pour words out over my kids and my students like their souls are an arid desert, hoping tumbled  vowels and consonants rolled together will drench inspiration. I long to be a passer of good things, to change how they see rhetoric. I want them to see that it is more about good people speaking well, not poor words spoken in selfish division. Sometimes speaking well and speaking goodness are not on the same level, they...

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God’s Covenant of Redemption… Studying Isaiah 54

Any gardener will tell you that an untended garden is full of many things that will choke the life out of the plants that were meant to grow there.    Even though the weeds were not a part of the initial plan, they somehow appear right next to the  tender shoots of green that push their way through the cultivated soil taking in the rich oxygen laden air and drinking up the settled morning dew.   The weeds sometimes look enough like the plants themselves that it is hard to tell the difference, but a master gardener, a seasoned green thumb,...

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A Lent Life and the #GraceMoments Link Up

The winds have been blowing the last few days.  Weather alerts have been passing over my phone on a regular basis, reminding me that spring is coming in only a few weeks. The weather seems to mimic my heart these days, blowing and breezing and swirling around as life seems to turn good and bad and everything else together. Why is it that when humanity is breaking the world seems to weep and toss with it? This past week two of my students lost grandparents.  A few weeks before that, a violent and sudden loss occurred in the family...

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When we choose to hope…The Heart of a Woman

When we are wrestling in the places of barren and dry seasons it is hard to see the soil of our hearts as productive. But when God looks at us He sees our end from our beginning, He sees that we, as His daughters, are the blessed and the beloved of his heart. It is why He takes special notice of our hearts…He made them. And when we believe that, we can believe that He can do anything. Our hearts are fickle.  We can’t truly know them. But He does. One of the reasons I find my heart always...

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When grace allows us to heal the hurts of others…#GraceMoments Link Up

I have a tendency to  forget the simple everyday things.   You know the little pieces of the day that fill up the day…the ones that seem insignificant..but they aren’t , really. Because though our experiences don’t define us they do build us and they do refine us.  And many times they are the platform we are given in this life to share with others. And the sharing with others part is what I have been thinking about, especially as I think about what it means to collect the #gracemoments of our faith journey. Over the last few weeks I...

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The power of our testimony…#SoulStops

Every day we need to soak in His Word, let it resonate in our souls and settle deep into a Sabbath rest of the heart. May the reminder of His promises be a balm to you as we seek Him first in each of our journeys. Join me at the beginning of the week for a reminder to take a soul stop in the power of His Word and be rejuvenated for the week ahead. I love to watch people…to see the tiny differences and the beautiful similarities we all share.  It amazes me how unique and yet alike...

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