The days of celebration are often full of hectic bustle and busy empty running. This year, make a change… determine to celebrate the beauty of Advent with the Simple Extravance that beckons you to the Stable of Hope, Joy, Peace and Love.


This download is for you… for the heart within you that draws close to the King of Kings who disrobed glory and pulled on the humility of an infant to draw us clsoe to Him.

Look deeply to see the significance of the wood and the nail as we travel through the Advent Season. When we start Advent we are beginning right after we have rested at the thanksgiving table where wood and nail hold our meal of grateful blessing,  we journey to the stable of hope where the wood and the nail make a cradle for the Holy Child who was introduced by a legion of angels praising God, and all the while we are being continually directed to the Cross where wood held the King of Glory while nails pinned blood stained feet and hands which set us free.


Take the journey friends.. to the stable of hope so that you will be able to continue in grace and thanksgiving to the Cross of Mercy.

This download is a journal made just for you to take the journey.

Many Blessings!


Celebrate Advent




Journey to the Stable Advent Journal