I love to cook! I remember reading the story of Dorcas in the book of Acts chapter 9 and thinking, I want to be remembered for a number of things… A woman who loved God, loved her family, and loved words …. yet I want to be remembered as a woman who blessed others because of the Love of God. I have always found an amazing blessing in the act of serving others comfort food. Cooking is a glorious way to create and to share and to bless others,  especially my family.

My family is often the test subjects for my creations.  Some of the time it is received with joy, while other times  it  may be a with  bit apprehension.  I have been told I can’t make the same thing twice, (hint… I rarely measure anything I cook) but it usually turns out. I have every intention of sharing recipes that can be repeated, but please… please…please.. feel free to improvise. If you don’t love to cook, it may be that trick that opens the door to the joy of creating in your kitchen!

Don’t forget to grab your kids, family, and friends… we were never truly meant to create culinary delicacies alone!