Prayer is one of the most important part of the Christian walk.  It is through unceasing prayer, that we find ourselves releasing our hearts, our dreams, our hopes and our desires to the One who longs to fill our lives with His best for us.  Prayer is the act of intimate communication with the Living God who ordains our days, with the Heavenly Father who cradles our hearts gently in the palm of His hands, the worship of the Holy One as we bow in awe at the bold audacity of approaching the Throne of Grace to seek  His face.

Are you a pray-er?

Do you struggle with finding your prayer voice?

Do you long to go deeper in your prayer time?

I have found when I let go, and LET GOD be God in my midst… in my prayers, He moves the mountains in my life that seem insurmountable when I am trying to move them myself. Those mountains do not  surprise our God. They do not alarm Him.  He is God over all things and promises to walk with us through our days, guiding, guarding and leading us.

Prayer brings us to a place of humble submission to the very truth that we NEED Him. We need his love, light and favor to grace our days, not because we need to be blessed but in being blessed by knowing Him we can then be a blessing to others who have yet to be introduced to His goodness, or perhaps we are that earthly vessel which He will work through to bless His children.


Take a walk with me as we entertain the topic of prayer and share your thoughts as we go.  The most amazing adventure,  the most perilous and the most rewarding, this habitual life-skill of prayer, will be the best decision we can ever make  when we decide to invest in passing our time on our knees.

Prayerful considering your heart’s cry before the Lord to day and asking him to touch your heart in a way that is life-changing and love-altering.

1 Thessalonians 5:17 ~ Pray without ceasing.