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Today is a day when you need to know you are not forgotten… but remembered by the One who longs to hold your treasured heart gently in His hands.  Each day we spend fervently seeking Truth in the Word of God, we come closer to the knowledge of the passionate desire of the Father to draw in you in and hold you close.

So often, fear holds us back from the destiny which was ours to walk into. However, when light shines in our darkness,  the reality of our loss can either cause us to stumble or lead us to rejoice.  We can rejoice because every chance, renewed in hope of the promises found in the Word lead us even closer to the freedom we can experience in Christ.


Don’t  lose hope past regrets, stumbles on the journey. The steps we take, even those which were filtered by mistake, are defining moments. Choose Joy, Love, and Hope…. because you are remembered .



When you are remembered by God then you have no reason to fear. In knowing that we are treasured by the Holy One, our value is raised above any earthly measure.We can journey forward  choosing  Joy, Hope, and Love as our signature.

~ ” Behold, I have graven thee upon the palms of my hands; thy walls are continually before me.” ~

Isaiah 49:16

Download today’s printable to  help you journal the joy of being remembered. ~ Remembered by God~