Ancient Star of Light2




The magnetic pull of His heart upon our own is still as strong as the first appearing of that cosmic illumination which drew the Wise Men forth seeking the source of all wisdom.  The Ancient Star of Light is still beckoning us to Seek, Find and Believe.


This Christmas rather than seeking a gift under the tree,  SEEK  the gift which is meant for your heat.

Look at the truth placed abundantly in His Word to  FIND  the love which has been given for you.

Receive the promise of hope and salvation that was announced that special birth day of the Savior.

As you rest in the joy of the glorious Alleluia, the wishes of peace and good will,  and the fellowship of family and friends, take time to reflect on all that has been prepared from time eternal, and simply    BELIEVE.

The Ancient Starlight is still beckoning the wise, drawing them to Seek, Find, and Believe…..

May you know and receive the blessing of Seeking Truth, Finding Hope, and Believing in the gift shared just for you.   You are loved and valued, more than any earthy treasure. 

Merry Christmas!

Love and prayers,

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