Faith produces in due season Rom 10 17



Faith comes by hearing & hearing by the Word of God.

~Romans 10:17

Plant the seed of His Word faithfully in the soul of your heart, so that during the winter’s slumber it will take root and be ready to bear fruit in the appropriate season.

Take time each day to fill up on the Word of God.  It comes with a promissory note of confidant return.

During the slumber of winter, when life seems to hibernate and rest. God’s word, in your heart, will take root and be prepared to reproduce a fruit that will not spoil or decay when it ripens to fullness.

As you partake of the daily filling, your faith will increase.  Without faith, it is impossible to please God. ( Heb. 11:6)

With Faith.. it is possible to move mountains.

May your faith be increased and your Joy be made full as His promises become a reality in your life.

Blessings & Prayer,

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