steep in the word



Spending time in the Word of God is like the process of making tea.  The longer the tea bag rests in the boiling hot water, the stronger the tea becomes.  The result is a homogenous mixture, you can’t see each separate,yet distinct part, but the properties of both are still there.  The leaves leave a bit of color, so there is a transparent yet visible change to the water.


You are uniquely you, but when we steep in the power of His Word, resting in the soaking, the result is a mixture that brings health to both the body and the soul. When we emerge into the Word and absorb the washing it creates,our minds are renewed.(Rom 12:2)


Sometimes our journey to healing and wholeness, as we travel the road to Calvary, takes us through valleys and over mountains. We feel a little like the tea bag, soaked and  hot, boiled to our completion.  It is the boiling that brings out the impurities. Those impurities always rise to the top and can be skimmed off, leaving no indication there was anything that wasn’t organic to the solution.


  • You are that tea bag.. leaves of glorious texture, color, and hue.
  • Your beauty shines bright because transparency allows his light to shine through you.
  • When you are steeped in His life giving water, you become a blessing and a gift of life to others.


Let yourself be steeped in His Word, routinely. Though transparent and changed to reveal a different form, you have been purified so that the glorious gifts inside of you have been released into a truly delightful aroma to savor and relish.


Be encouraged today. Even if you feel a little strained and squeezed like a tea bag which is tossed into the compost when it is no longer useful,  and remember that is not the purpose of the brewing.  What is left, in the used up bag, is what is not useful for you. Once you are sure that the refining brings out your glorious beauty, you will savor the steeping with anticipation for the first taste of His goodness.


Beloved, I wish above all things, that you would prosper and be and health, even as your soul prospers!

3 John 2

Blessings on your Monday!

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