For the preaching of the cross is to them that perish foolishness; but unto us which are saved it is the power of God.

~1 Corinthians 1:18~

The cross is foolishness to those who don’t understand, but it is life, hope, and peace to all who cling and rely upon the Truth.

The cross is His love poured out in every way possible to meet us right where we are, in all our lack, filling in each and every crack and hole our sin has eaten away within the core of our being.


When we depend on the world, the wisdom of man, vain philosophies, and empty riches, then we are going to be disappointed. We will always miss the mark and strive for the fullness which can be found only in one location. In Christ. Yet In Him, we have the freedom to reach into hope and pull it close to our reality.  Shutting out the rising voice of doubt and insecurity found in the trappings of the world leads us away from the need to be perfect.


Perfect is He, completing the incomplete me.


Perfectionism is a sin that says, I am big enough, I am smart enough, I am capable enough.   Essentially, I don’t need God because I am enough.  OR it is the other side that says, unless I am perfected I can’t be enough. Both are lies that are shadowed by the false idea that we can truly live a life without God.

The moment when revelation wisdom meets our awareness is monumental.  That moment arrives precisely when our hearts become solely sold on our principal need; we NEED a savior. Then, in our need,  He comes in like a tidal wave and completes us.


Our beginning is met by the entrance of His presence as the Cross completed sin’s hold upon creation.


We are at our beginning when we are on our knees. We find our start when we bow in humble acceptance of this eternal truth: Our genesis  truly starts when the light permeates the darkness and life is created in the dying of self.

Though the cross is where I start, it is most certainly not my end.  Christ, the author and finisher of my faith, is the fullness of my eternity and in Him there is no end.  He alone is the component of completion.  Have you ever considered this thought: The infinite God will never be fully found by the mind of a finite being, such as man.  The reality is that we can never truly know all there is to know about God, but we should never stop learning about him. Our seeking cannot end with the knowledge of the Cross, friend. Seek Him while He is yet to be found in every area of your living.


The red that spilled turned the blackness white and created a masterpiece of beauty.


The bloodshed drenching Calvary is the purest cleansing agent available to remove the sin-stained darkness robbing our souls of the life we are meant to live.  Feely it flowed, abundantly proficient,  to cover sin.  The work has been finished. The Cross is the start. The ransom note paid in full;  we have access to the Father through the death and resurrection of the Son.

It was enough, just that one time. It was enough. Don’t belittle what He did by choosing to work your way to God. Just accept His gift and be sanctified through Christ to live.


Let the work of the Cross and the Power of His Spirit revive your dying dreams.


As we come to the end of ourselves, we are revived by the power of His Holy Spirit.  Through the sanctifying work that salvation brings us to, we can be the viable vessel which is ready to be filled through and through, continually prepared to pour out the bountiful blessings only God can bestow.

The Wisdom of the Ages knew  our destiny long before providence met our memory. Heaven’s glory transcends the worldly wisdom that limits our understanding, but thankfully His grace compensates for this lacking.  And even though it seems foolish to relinquish our best in service to God to some, the opposite is surely the most profitable.  Nothing in the world compares to the gift of grace and promise of revelation which comes in Christ; the gifts He bestows are bound in the storehouses of heaven.  We can expend ourselves, like Christ did, and gain abundance because we are promised that the sufficiency is linked to the glorious riches which neither moth nor rust can taint.


Sing out the Ancient Creed that has been sung faithfully for ages past.


The ancient creed that every believer should rehearse and commit  to memory, has been sung by believers for centuries.   It is an anthem that outlines the foundational truths at the core of Christianity.  Our modern church doesn’t always ascribe to the wisdom of the saints of old.  Like our young  are sometimes prone to believe, we have often failed to revere the old and appreciate the beauty of the wrinkled hand but strong heart, sometimes missing the whisper spoken as a seed being planted in the soil.

  • What is your anthem of faith? What is the creed you sing strong?
  • Will you sing it for the world? Will you stand upon the tenets of the faith laid out for you?
  • Will you rise to the occasion and shout an anthem that brings the hearts to the Cross?
  • Will you be foolish for Christ so that in wisdom He will reach the one whose heart needs to see exactly what you believe?


“He is no fool who gives up what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose”.~ Jim Elliot


I am convicted by the simplicity of the altruistic passion of those who sing the believers song without hesitation.  The urgency to sing that creed, strong and sure, burns in my heart, making my life itself an anthem of praise. May the melodies be filled with a ballad of hope which not only touches broken hearts but lifts blinded eyes to see beyond the horizon into the throne room of God?


I want to encourage you to spend some time reading through the ancient creed of faith. Are you willing to stand up and be counted?  Are you ready to shout out anthem of the believer?


This song,  “We Believe”, by Newsboys is one of my new favorite songs. It reverberates in my heart, beating slow and strong, rhythmically drawing me to my feet in adoration before my King.



                Praying for you to be strengthened today, in truth, wisdom, and faith.




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