Five Minute FridayIt’s another day of sharing of souls and clicking of fingers in this vast land of cyberspace. Hearts holding out and offering their valuables in 5 minutes of community, connecting and directing other hearts to a table of grace and fellowship. I have loved this little exercise in faith and writing. I have enjoyed the challenge and today is the last day for Lisa Jo to host the party, but she has put it in the capable hands of another encourager who gets to dress up her domain with the colors of vibrant words each week. Thank you, Lisa, for providing a place to grow. Welcome Kate as a leader to inspire.



begin the journey fmf august 1 2014

So today I am spending these 5 minutes writing about the word: BEGIN!


To begin is to start anew and to look ahead. It is a moment of hopefulness that is unedited and whole. Perhaps there is a bit of fear and hesitation but each time I begin something new, I know my heart is filled with the hope of what could be.


But to begin again… to return to that open door, or closed gate, one more time strips the hope from the eager starting. Sometimes this beginning finds my eyes are cast down rather than up ahead.

Then I am reminded of His Word.

Hope is the anchor of my soul, sure and steadfast, and it guides my steps. (Hebrews 6:19)

I lift my eyes unto the hills, from where does my help come. My help comes from the Lord, the maker of Heaven and earth. He will not suffer my foot to be moved. He is my keeper. He will preserve my coming and going, forever. ( Ps 121)


When hope is my  anchor, settled in Him, and He is my vision, every journey takes me one step closer to His heart; every step is a new beginning that I have not traveled before because each new step is covered with the promise that the word ‘begin’ provides.  Even when I have walked the road once before, even if I am starting over at the same place, or if I have circled the  mountain yet again… this step.. the one I am taking in faith… it is a new beginning.

You see, even if I have to go back and start over, even if we have to revisit  where we have already been… we have been changed in the journey. Sometimes we have more people with us, holding us up like Aaron lifted the arms of Moses on the  mountain as the Israelites battled below.  Other times we are on our own, but we  have more lessons learned in our arsenal of living and we can deal with the circumstances in a completely new  point of view.  Most importantly, hopefully, we have met with the Father on this journey over and over, getting stronger, increasing our faith, knowing  His heart, and learning to trust that He is Sovereign, in this, friends, we are standing anew once more, on the journey of a lifetime anticipating the beginning step with confidence and hope.

It’s time to BEGIN.  Begin your journey with a fresh new step. Restart that path, if you need to, with confident trust that your steps are now seasoned with wisdom. Turn around and gather faith, if you are hesitant, and consider the new beginning you need to take to take you to your destiny In Christ.


Just Begin!


Praying for your beginnings to be covered in prayer, surrounded by faith, and filled with hope for what is ahead of you.  Look to the author and finisher of your faith, for He has made you an overcomer!



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