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Am I pursing God or is He pursuing me? This concept of chasing after God reveals truth, the One we seek is actually actively looking to capture us. His open pursuit of me drew me into the fold of His embrace, setting my heart ablaze with a passion to know Him.  Seeking God in the places he is found:  His Word, His world, His people, …evidence  this paradox of the soul.

To be clear, God is Love. This truth is revealed in the living vessels who seek after His ways radiating light into the darkness that has missed hope. God alone has provided a hope, so tangible, that it’s contagious. It’s desirable. With each new day I’m thoroughly convinced of His providential plans for us. The image of the grace He has extended for all who seek after truth is crystal clear. Ultimately, the reality is that my pursuit of God is dimmed in light of His pursuit of me. He has beckoned; I can do nothing other than follow hard after Him.

Romans 1:20 tells us that the attributes of God are clearly discernible, so we are utterly without excuse at our knowledge of the Holy.  It is here, in his written story that we find pursuing God is within reach. Proverbs 10 tells us that knowledge is found in the fear of the Lord and understanding comes when we revere and acknowledge Him with praise and admiration. This living breathing and inspired truth drives us to want more of the all-encompassing God who sent His Son, stripping Him of kingly garments, only for a time, to bring humanity back to Himself.

Knowing Him through His Word leads me to seek Him intimately through prayer.

R. C. Sproul writes, “Prayer is to the Christian, what breath is to life.”

Pursuing God in prayer is actively engaging in the art of intentional relationship.  Prayer is the language of relationship by which our souls meet the transcendent heart of the Father.

Jesus taught us to pray in the Word through joy, through pain, and through suffering.  1 Thessalonians 5:17-18 remind us to pray at all times, without ceasing, giving thanks in all things.  Prayer is the path that reveals more of God in the heart of the seeker, dispensing blessings and revealing grace.

The more time I spend, pursing God in His Word and bent before Him in reverent prayer, the blinds fall from my eyes faster. I can see others through the lens of love and service.

It is said that teaching others is the highest form of learning, but imitation is the highest level of flattery.  God doesn’t need our flattery, but the world needs to see Jesus with skin on.  They need to know that love never fails. (1 Cor. 13:8) People need to be transparent enough to be real, to be diligent to show grace, to exercise mercy’s promise, and to appreciate the gift of God in those they meet.  Differences don’t always have to separate us in our daily pursuit to holiness, they can actually draw us closer to the beauty of what God intends to reveal to us about His heart.

Psalm 85:10 tells us that mercy and truth have met at the Cross where righteousness and peace have kissed. This Cross is the magnet that draws us near, deeply and fully into a holy pursuit of righteousness.  Reading the Word, bending in prayer, and serving others, we exemplify God’s radical desire to pursue a relationship. We are changed by the pursuit.  Selah!


Grateful to be pursued!

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