simple extravagance


The festive season is fresh upon our calendars, fully pressing deep into our planning. It is a time of joy, of sharing, giving, and fellowship.  Christmastide is a time where missives are sent, delicacies are baked golden and shining, bows are gently bent around containers of blessings, and the scent of evergreen filters our inhaling breaths.

And we can easily miss the reason for our celebrations when we over-plan, over-schedule, over-create, over-stimulate, and over-do the holiday.

{What if we chose to make it simply extravagant, instead?}

It has taken me a little longer than I would have preferred to gather the guts to be different for the sake of destiny, but even the delay has a purpose. Our wandering usually has a definition that directs our paths.

If we believe that He is leading us, even the desert travels can shine for His glory, right?

Too many years of trying to make the perfect holiday, filling the status quo, and making memories at the expense of the message have taken their toll and I realize that all I want is to find my way to the stable and just rest in the wonder of the gift.


silent worship in the light of the star1

Nestled there, illuminated by the Star of Light, the trestle holds the world’s most precious gift; even the wood and the nail seem forever changed by the awesome responsibility it bore.  And this providence brings me yet closer to the extravagant simplicity of grace’s gift that Isaiah talked about and Micah revealed.

For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given; and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counselor, The Mighty God, the Everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace. ~ Isaiah 9:6

But you, Bethlehem Ephratrah, though you be little among the thousands of Judah, yet out of you shall One come forth from Me who is to be ruler in Israel; whose goings forth have been told from old, from everlasting.  This One shall be our peace.  – Micah 5:2,5

Our approach is cloaked in repentance, preparing the way of our hearts.

We celebrate thankfulness, often in fellowship at a table, daily. We gather at a trestle built to hold sustenance, and bow in reverence at the hand of God displayed in our lives. So too, we must approach this season of coming, ADVENT,  this Latin derivation of approaching the Holy One with hearts broken by sin’s stain upon our soul.

Journeying forth, are we truly fully aware that even the good things, the honoring things can steal the joy that is for Christ alone?

I am asking you friend to consider the calendar with speculation and to view the giving through the lens eternity. That is where I am going this year, fully surrendered to the simply extravagant. Marking memories with the beauty of grace rather than filling boxed numbers that have housed my agenda and hindered my pilgrimage in prayer.

The stable is our focus because it holds the answer to our yearning hopes.

When the wood and nail are crafted to hold the promise of love close, cradled and secure it mirrors a finality of truth. Even in the manger, especially in the manger, the promise of redemption was fully revealed.

simplicity of the wood and nail1


Our path of preparation through the days of Advent should draw us deeper into this ultimate knowledge:  Celebrating the birth of our Savior is more than 4 weeks of reading scriptures, singing hymns, and reciting prayers…it is the changing of our heart.

All of this is good, yes, but even good things take places they are not meant to fulfill. Even good things miss their mark when the heart has been absent.

That is what makes Advent the journey worth taking. It is a journey of the heart. It is a seeking of the soul. It is a preparing for His coming.

However, when our preparing for the season takes the place for the reason, we miss the purpose of His advent of the heart.

There are tons of ways to make this Christmas memorable, friends.

There are lots of ideas to master, manipulate, and maneuver.

There are multiple activities to invest ourselves into.

But what is the most necessary?

This Christmas will you join me in the preparation? Speaking right to your heart, I hope I can connect with you  here in deep things. Will you walk with me as we prepare our hearts for Him?

We have already passed through 2 full weeks of Advent’s counting. I actually missed sharing with you last week because too many things weren’t working together right. It is funny how computers and internet providers seem ‘insignificant’ till they are not accessible.  And the reality is I found myself stressed about getting my words out there. Yet, I knew there was a lesson linked to a promise of hope.  I had to wait a bit.. wrestling with this message and then I heard the silent plea and conviction.

When we prepare our hearts for the simple extravagance found by coming to the  Stable of Hope, we wait in wonder of the sacred night when love came down to make His dwelling with us.

More than my words needed to be heard or read, my prayers and my pausing needed to commence.  Without the communion we are called to during this preparation time, we can’t see the hope that is there before us. And frankly, we all could use  a little bit more hope in our daily wandering.

  • Hope for our hurting moments, bleeding families, and broken friends.
  • Hope for the future that to earthly eyes looks bleak.
  • Hope for eternal promises that are carved in the Creation Story.

This story that has played out before us year after year, will it sound the same this year? Will it beat a tune that is similar, or are you ready to compose a new song of hope?

 Let’s start with a silent position of waiting for His arrival in our  hearts together… here in the simple extravagance of a cradle of wood and nail.

This season choose to be simply extravagant with your heart and with your time.

Let your devotion be offered to God as a concession of your heart.

Let Him be the one to fill your calendar.

Choose to make the opportunities to pour into people and not into things.

Reject the extravagance that steals the show from the chorus that will be singning anthems in your heart as you search for the Christ Child like the shepherds did when the angel’s choir retreated to the heavens.


Will you join me friends?

 Praying for the silent moments to hear the joyful sound of His voice calling to your hearts this week.












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