Soul Stops is a brief rest on the journey. A quite intake of breath as we pause and a gentle nudge to keep moving forward.  It is a waiting in the Truth as we nestle close in His promise…looking at what He has said to our hearts and remembering the promises in His Word.

Dare to Believe He hears the Unspoken Prayers of your Soul.

I couldn’t get these verses  out of my head yesterday as I  found myself going to the throne of grace repeatedly petitioning His mercy in the lives of those who have been asking for contenders to break down the gates of heaven for them.

There are so many needs. So many hurts. So many miracles sought out.

And we serve a God who is able to do more than we  have ever thought to think, looked to see, or strained to hear.

Yet, do we really truly storm heaven’s storehouse and come back with our hearts fully gorged in His glory?

The more I thought about the power  of our breath prayers, the breaking of our soul as we feel the burden of the world weighing heavy upon us, and the spilling out of faith as we come to the King of Glory for deliverance. I am reminded of all He has already done. I am rejoicing in the fullness of His promises because He is a promise keeper.

And we need to remember that He hears us.

We need to be reminded of the victories He has won. We need to hear again of the power of grace upon our soul.

We need to settle into the Word of God and let it resonate into every fiber of our being so that we will not let go of His great and precious promises.  We need to choose not to step back into the loss. We need to choose not to depart from His goodness. We need to choose not forget His benefits.

Dare to believe that he hears the unspoken prayers of our soul…then praise Him for the blessings.

We will rejoice and rehearse the blessings of the LORD, with all that is the deepest within us.  The benefits of being His, of belonging to the LORD as His own, are found in the exalted praise of those who believe. Let’s make our creed our prayer of hope and our anthem of song in the midst of the temporal which we are passing through.

Bless the LORD, O my soul: and all that is withing me, bless His holy name.

Bless the LORD, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits:

Who forgives [every one of] all your iniquities, Who heals [each one of] all your diseases,

Who redeems your life from the pit and corruption,

Who beautifies, dignifies and crowns you with loving-kindness and tender mercy;

Who satisfies your mouth with good so that your youth is renewed like the eagle’s.

Psalm 103:1-5

Truth or Dare?

That piece of you where faith lies as a seed planted by the Word that revives you and gives you life, your spirit renewed by His, is where it starts. Ignite a fire of faith to break out of the bonds that have kept your prayers bound and believe in the more He has for you.  He is Holy…He is love…He is Abba… and He hears our hearts spilling in faith as we believe His Word.

Perhaps you are feeling broken and hurting and unheard and looked over.  Maybe you have a list of miracle prayers that you haven’t dared to believe will manifest.  Possibly you are bruised from the fight and needing a renewal to soar strong again. Can I challenge you today to release those unspoken needing big faith breath prayers that are jumbling in your heart and in your head and  trust them to the only One who can sift our heart’s cry and see the answer we have need of knowing? Can I ask you to dare to believe the  Truth today?  Will you step out with me in a prayer of faith?

Heavenly Father,

Because you are good, because your blessings are real, because your Word is True, because Christ came, because you have met us with an unfailing love, because we believe you are exactly WHO  You say You are… we come in prayer believing that you meet our needs in overwhelming abundance. You are the God of miracles! The God who raises the dead and quickens them with eternal life. You are the One who shed blood red on a tree of wood so that we would be close to you.  You have redeemed our every trespass under that blood, you have forgiven, healed, and crowned us out of Your mercy.  You continue to restore us with the strength of  one who can soar over the storm because you are source of the very wind that we ride upon.   Where there is a breaking heart, come in with your mercy and heal it. Where there is a severed relationship, come in with your grace and restore it. Where there is a emptied vessel, come in with your fullness and fill it.  Where there is hope deferred, come in with your goodness and enliven it.  We are grateful that you are the blesser of blessings, the healer of diseases, the forgiver of iniquity, the redeemer of lives submitted to you, and the one who crowns us with mercy. For every unspoken need,  Lord, be the balm on that heart; reveal that it is known and each cry is heard. Remind each one of us that you  working strong on our behalf in ways we have never considered. Increase our faith to dare to believe, today.

In Jesus Name….Amen

Dare to believe friends! Believe that  He hears the unspoken prayers of our heart. Believe in the power of prayer and trust that He is for you today. So many I know right now are needing miracles, waiting on God to show up, longing to be known by the One who knows us all. Step out in faith. Look for Him to show up strong. Let your heart be captured by Him. Be so captivated by His Presence that every breath becomes the prayer of your heart and every need would be completely met in His outpouring love.


I heard this hymn in church yesterday for the very first time. It brought me to tears as listened and laid out those heart prayers that have been plaguing my own.  Listen to the beauty in the words today and crown him the unrivaled King in your situation friends.

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