doxology, praise, grace, #gracemoemntsThe seasons are a witness of His majesty in shades that we can observe and take note. A vivid display of worship that nature cannot withhold from the One whose existence requires reverent austerity; a  bending low with a dispensation of holy adoration. This lesson, we who are made in His image need to heed, has been patterned by the creation He artistically designed.  The palette of color that erupts as the living world releases its last grip on the light vitamins that keep it green  is like a showing forth of the inanimate willfully crying out praise.

I wonder, as I take in the landscape of beauty,  if the exhale can be a praise offering…Does it count when the words are not audible to quantify the awe before me? 

I see it in the trees during the change of the seasons. They replicate the position of praise we should adopt:  upright and pointed toward Glory.  Always pointing to His Splendor, yet willingly dropping  crowns low in submission. As the wind blows, leaves cascade in shower, blanketing the grass below, lightly bending the light as it floats swiftly by.

Grace floating down with a release…always a resting  low to reflect the wonder that draws the eye instantly upward.

Creation is the mirror of His working in nature.

Inspired by the colors He alone perfected, we can only  imitate the canvas He has already painted strong.  Yet in the imitation, we become a part of the landscape;  swaying with the trees in song and stance.   Paused with arms gently lifting, the Spirit moves close; beating hearts find a resting place. Trivialities become leaves we drop in exchange for the shed burdens. Weight is released by the position of praise when we find ourselves stepping up to the altar of release.  Following the paradigm of praise, already inscribed in the turning of the days,  our lives  soon become an anthem of worship.

Let everything that has breath praise the LORD! Praise the LORD! – Ps 150: 6


When our actions reflect  the ancient hymn of wonder, our theology becomes a doxology of breathing out praises and exhaling hope in all we do because the echo of praise is a catechesis of the soul.

Through every moment that grace reacts within our deep places, swept wide by the nearness of His mercy…we play a tune  of praise willingly acknowledging that only God could be the conductor of this orchestra of good that filters into our living. Only God can be the maestro of melody that can tune and blend the notes our lives play out in the score of our days. Only God can see the completion of our stories and still sing hope into our reborn space.

It is praise that keeps us humming the notes we think we have missed.

It is faith that keeps us seeking the chords on each string that holds our days.

It is hope that reminds us to keep pulling the taut lines into vibrations of deep and sharp together.

The symphony of our life is played out on the stage of the One.

Living out Faith, aimed for Him alone, becomes the masterpiece which reflects only His glory and our obedience.


The blending of summer’s storing turns effortlessly into fall’s revealing; gratefulness brings us to the altar of hope and grace where we are astounded by His beauty. In this space where He inhabits our praises…glory falls… seeking hearts are brimming over. And there is a breath that breaks the silence, a gentle whisper that lifts high the Name above all names. ~A Selah Breath~

Holiness becomes our atmosphere as we revel in His presence.  More than venerated,ultimate worship delights now in spirit and in truth, gwe are changed in that instant.  Our going is altered by the sifting of his Spirit and our feet are ever closer to path that is narrow and steep.

No matter where we are on the journey,  the splendor of  heaven can be seen by our temporal eyes;  we learn the role of the exhale ….wonder and appreciation for God alone to extol.


Soon, syllables and notes release in this place where we let go of the treasures we hold close.  It becomes easier to lift up hands in sacred surrender, bowing low in the sanctuary He has created. The spectrum of color, so full of absorbed insolation finally released, leads the procession that ushers our hearts in because… worship is a gateway to collecting moments of blessing.

Worship is the door to fellowship with the Holy…the entrance to purpose-filled living… and through it we can come to His throne boldly.

 Let’s approach in wonder and awe for the majesty before us, because in letting go of the treasures of clay  we can finally lift opened and emptied hands to the bounty of heaven.

Let’s fill our exhale with song and sonnets,  because it means letting Him fill each breath with inspiration so we can meet each tomorrow with confidence and faith.

Let’s  release the covering that clutters our hearts, because by letting praise flow freely  we can petition hope rather than request deliverance.

O come let us worship and bow down; let us kneel before the LORD our maker. – Psalm 95:6



Let your worship of the Holy One become the Doxology of your Theology.

When we are called to live a Doxology as our Theology, where we are free to praise the Holy without hesitation.  Our hearts yearn for the powerful exultation that worship provides, because it is the fuel that pushes us on through the trials which are inevitable. It changes the circumstances and fuels our resolve to keep moving forward.

With a true heart , purpose to seek first His Kingdom;  with true worship, bow before the King;  with willful surrender be filled by His grace.

As He paints the horizon of your days with the hue of heaven’s paint brush,  let your soul delight in the blessing  worship brings, because His habitation is settled within our praise. Count the moments where grace composed worship in your soul. Write them down as a tangible fingerprint of the Father’s hand. 

And today, if you are needing to find faith in the strangled mess of unbelief, or a miracle is the answer to the missing you are looking for, or you need a gentle reminder of the love He has bled for you…let  His praise pour out in a song you sing for God alone.

He is there, in the midst of each note you sing, waiting to meet you.

But You are holy, O You Who inhabit the praises of His people. – Psalm 22:3



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