When I was younger I didn’t understand what it meant to be a visionary, to be a dreamer.  I didn’t quite get it till someone reminded me that my pragmatic and practical husband complimented my “look at all that is possible” personality.  I was reminded that visionaries need to be tethered to the ground once in awhile because we can leap after new things without thinking about it.

That was me.

Nearly everything I did was a jump in with both feet kind-of thing and we’d figure everything out as we go along.

When dreams and doubt collide….

I stopped dreaming and started to get cautious. I let the little things of the everyday cloud my  “look what is possible” attitude. I let self-doubt begin stealing space on the journey I was made to take.  I realized that those dreams sort of lost direction and I forgot the way that new ideas excited my vision-loving-soul. I let self-doubt steal the atlas of my days instead of letting God be my navigator on the journey. I made my way  slowly around the waves and through the storms…on my own instead of with God.

A dreamer is defined as one who dreams, an idealist, a visionary; one who sees what is possible and believes that it can happen. Yet when our focus becomes what we can do instead of what God will do, we are surrounded by a sea of doubt and a unbelief.

Unbelief will stifle a visionary.

Self-doubt is a thief of grace.

But God calls us to dream….read the rest over at God Sized Dreamers.

A while ago, I was invited to spill words with some women who dream together. They write brave words together. They pray bold prayers together. And to be honest, I was amazed that I was able to join them on the journey.  Their words reminded me to to dream more, to step out with God in those scary and unknown places.  You can read the rest of this post over at the God Sized Dreams Website.  I hope you’ll join me there, for a little more of the story about choosing to dream big  with God.


Joining with brave dreamers today at the God Sized Dreams Community.
God-sized Dreams