Do you ever find yourself proclaiming a day of grace?  No, really… do you ever set out to free yourself from every expectation except that of loving God first and doing that with all your heart and all your mind and all your strength…like, for real and on purpose.

And do you let yourself have it?

I had fully intended to sit down and break grace all over this space today.  The message God worked out in my heart on the importance of taking Him at His Word and trusting that He is faithful and knowing that these life-lessons that we learn by living out real life in amplification of our humanity and his #amazinggrace really are refining us.

But the day got away from me.

Like seriously everything I planned to accomplish today, completely did not come to fruition.

And I had to make a choice to do something I am really really really not good at.

Let it all go.

I had to leg go of the need to make sure I check off each box.  I had to let go of the need to have any of “it” together. I had to let go of the stress of being enough for anyone but Jesus. I had to let go of my belief that failure means I didn’t accomplish my goals instead of following close and hard after the best goal… being faithful to what He calls and being ok with however that looks.

And I had to let go of the weight I have been wearing on my heart about all that has been breaking all around me.  I had to let go of the burden I have been carrying and holding close because if I don’t then I have to walk by faith and not by sight.

And I had to declare a day of grace.

Through Him we receive grace. – Romans 1:5

We’ve been mending here.  Recuperating from the flu and the secondary yuck that has accompanied that loveliness.   It went through the whole family before it found me. And my lungs are still rebelling at the schedule I want to keep.  But life has to go on and I am learning how to roll with the punches a little better, giving myself the grace I need to be imperfect and learning to laugh a little through it.

Yes, I said laugh. Because that is the miracle of today. Laughter found me chasing down snowflakes with my sweet girl who has endured a little more unlovely than someone her age should have to deal with.  It caught us in the midst of a bit of unplanned moments today, right in the middle of a schedule that is crazy busy and sometimes short on grace.

Joy caught me unaware, like hitting a wall full force with my eyes closed and no idea it was there… just like that…. right in the middle of a grocery store parking lot.  And faithfulness surprised me on the way home as I realized what time it was and how I forgot to pen words for you here today. I know I am late to my own party here.  But if you are still here… still joining me… I am so glad you are here.

It’s a g.r.a.c.e. d.a.y.

GGod’s gift

Grace is a free gift, not limited by our abilities or provision

Rreceive and replicate

Grace is ours to receive and replicate in our life to ourselves and others.

Aalways available

Grace is always available.

Cconstant and true

Grace from God is a constant truth.

Eexceptional love

Grace is an evidence of His exceptional love.

And that message about faithfulness, it is woven into those moments of joy and sorrow and stretching and rending and uncertainty and awareness and more than enough and abundant lack.

It is always there.

But to each one of us grace has been given as Christ has apportioned it. – Ephesians 4:7

Healing is found in our shared laughter, joy is profound in His presence, and grace makes the hard bearable.

We are surprised by joy because we fail to look for it right where we are. We are shocked by His ever present faithfulness in the mire and the muck and the grime of groping for good in every moment.  And when it comes, when it takes us over, we are taken aback that the One who named the stars and fashions beauty with a word of glory would whisper right to  our soul in a gentle refrain of hope.

In the midst of my mumbling He spoke a sweet grace in my heart…a reminder that it is ok.  Our imperfections mirror his perfection.  And right there a rain of peace sheltered my soul. In that moment of looking for grace God taught me why we need to have open hands as we let go…it’s because we’ll have plenty of space available to grab hold of what He is willing to give.

What is your hard thing?

What is your not enough?

What is stealing joy from your soul?

When the there is a whole lot of hard breaking down your door. When there is not enough tallying credits against your account.  When joy feels absent in the moment.  Declare a grace day.

Chase snowflakes on an April day and instead of grumbling, let laughter fill your heart.

Look for the strength that has carried you through the trial, and let His faithfulness surprise you…yet again.

Embrace the wonder of your imperfect self…rejoice in the way He is refining you and making you shine for His glory.

Choose joy. Choose faith. Choose grace.

Grace and peace be yours in abundance through the knowledge of God and of Jesus our Lord. – 2 Peter 1:2

I was a lot late to the link up today, so here is a little bit of grace for you.  May it remind you to give yourself grace when your soul needs a little favor.







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