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Rejoicing in Perfect Love Resurrected

Love has a way of resurrecting life from broken pieces of shells trampled underfoot.  Often those lives which are broken are shattered by a fear which carries a weight that is heavy enough to penetrate the imperfect shell of our...

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Mercy and Truth Meet at the Cross

In each of the four gospels we can read the mercy story. The account of Jesus’ sacrifice for both you and me as he willingly poured out his blood to offer redemption to the lost He came to save.  Matthew, Mark, Luke and...

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Freedom in Christ

There is a sacred place of freedom awaiting when we camp our tent in the Word of God.  Each week I stand before my students and remind them over and over, that words have meaning…they have purpose.. they are real and full...

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Reflecting the Cross

    Mark 12: 28-31~ “Then one of the scribes came up and listened to them disputing with one another, and noticing that  Jesus answered them fitly and admirably, he asked Him, Which commandment is first and most...

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Remembered by God

  Today is a day when you need to know you are not forgotten… but remembered by the One who longs to hold your treasured heart gently in His hands.  Each day we spend fervently seeking Truth in the Word of God, we...

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Growing in Faith

There is a place where faith must assume command in our lives as we journey forward in life.  This concept has been profoundly more clear to me in the last year as I have pondered the path I am meant to walk.   Each choice...

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Whisper of Joy

Today as I am watching the miracle of a snowflake descend upon the frozen crust of earth, I am reminded of the lure of spring’s blossoms; the wafting of the fragrance  of the lovely lavender which blooms on the hill to the...

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